Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dazed and confused

Do you ever have those weeks where you just can't seem to get ahead and nothing goes quite how it's planned? I'm having that week.
I seem to be stuck in a rut where things that are already done & taken care of need to be re-done, and then of course there is the new stuff that pops up thrown into the mix, just to liven things up. To top it off I am PMS-ing and practically narcoleptic... my days and nights are all messed up. I'm a joy to behold.
Soccer camp is finished. He begins regular practices next week, and our first tournament is the following weekend in Saginaw. Just made reservations in Birch Run. Gonna try to sneak in a little back-to-school shopping.
Trying to work out a trip to Canada for Emma. It will probably be the Saginaw weekend, as there are just a few weekends left before school starts.
I have tried twice this week to get my tires rotated and can't get it done. I called someplace today so I think I'm gonna go tomorrow morning. And I may be getting unemployment again! It involes a trip to the MI works office, which I will probably have to fit in tomorrow too.
I still haven't finished the teddy suit, because I keep making mistakes and having to frog inches at a time. I don't know what my deal is, but I am frustrated over it!
A few pix of the lack of anything going on at my house...
Emma & Ben lazing out in front of the fan. For hours.
My new Clematis in bloom

Hasta la vista!


Brooke said...

I so get this! I feel practically lethargic lately and not baby related. Yes we'll be finding sex on 8/13, send some boy vibes my way, or just healthy ones. Hope your week ends better.

Kelley said...

you can thank our esteemed president for the additional unemployment-he signed off on the iniative from our lovely governor...

Kache said...

Hope the weekend helped work some things out. I feel like that most of the time though :)
Love the pic with the cat and fan...