Monday, July 28, 2008

tis the season!

Soccer camp started today. Good for Evan, good for Emma. Better for me. These two seriously need a break from each other, so a few hours a day @ camp totally fits the bill.
I had to take this photo of Evan in his new cleats & socks, because I'm sure they won't look like this very long :) FYI- he chose the white cleats, not me. And one of the coaches told him today that white cleats are lucky and he will score lots of goals.

Guess what I learned to do this weekend?
I played poker! And I didn't suck!
We joined the Johnston's in a little poker action on Saturday night. They were all more than happy to take money from a newbie. It was $20 to buy in. I got the gist of the game, although it probably would have been better had I not had several beers. I did smoke them on one hand, and won the pot, which was very cool and they were floored, these poker veterans! They all agreed that I could play anytime, and that I was a 'conservative' better. Little do they know that I didn't really know what was going on half the time, so I didn't bet much :) We walked out with $20 bucks and donated a few, so all in all we didn't do too bad. The kids college fund is safe.
Happy Monday!


Kache said...

I love poker! Or at least I think I do. Not sure I remember how to play exactly, but I used to rock on video poker :)

Vision Blog said...

As far as baby goes, yes, we are due to find out on August 13th, I'm sort of pulling for a boy, but of course, I'll take healthy over anything. It was a good day, just wish every day could be like that.