Monday, July 14, 2008

the room

Before: lavendar walls, wrought iron bed, white & purple valances, too much furniture

view from the doorway
view from the corner, facing doorway

After: white walls, loft bed, duck shelf, cool comforter, way less furniture
putting together the bed
the completed bed area. There will also be a desk under there for her to study at.
duck shelf. and me.

After 2 weeks, Emma's room transformation is almost complete. All of the main components are finished...we just want to build her a desk of some sort. Don't know when that will happen, but sometime before school starts. Her room is WAY less cluttered. We removed 2 large and one small piece of furniture that she didn't really need and was just a place to collect junk (I mean important stuff) I also want to have some type of comfy chair in the corner, for reading or visiting or whatever. Right now she just has a beach chair in there, which works for summer.

One thing that won't change- her 'E' wall. For years I have been collecting E's to hang in her room, and those are going back up. We just ran out of steam this weekend. They will add a nice punch of color to her room, and help tie all the colors together. Oh help me-I sound like an HGTV show!

She & I spent a few hours reworking her closet to accomodate all the various things she had shoved into the now defunct furniture. And getting rid of the vast amount of clothing that no longer fits. Amazing how much actually fits in there!
Cross your fingers for her sake (and mine) that she keeps it looking this way!


Vision Blog said...

What a cool mom you are!!! I'm jealous, want to come over and decorate a 4 year old and a babies rooms??????? You know, for a desk, as a suggestion, my husband made me a cool desk using an old hollow door as the top and 2 saw horses to hold it up. To add color, you could paint the saw horses, and or the door. Just an idea.

Sharyn said...

I did a doubletake, trying to figure out why you looked like Abe Lincoln - it's your Camera Strap! hahahhahaah...I kill me.

I LOVE beds off the floor - awesome job!!!

Julie L said...

very cool, Sue! We need to do this with Peter's room soon.