Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blooming hot

It seems this spring we have had two temperatures...unseasonably cool or hot.
I have a feeling that hot is here to stay! After two weeks of rain every other day, the heat is here (hopefully the humidity will steer clear for a bit longer) and it feels like summer is just minutes away. The house is shut up tight and the AC is cranking...one of my least favorite transitions of the season. I want the weather to get warm, but I want it to stay cool enough to not need the AC. I feel like I'm in a cave.
Since I get up early with Lola nowadays, I decided to beat the heat and plant this morning. I'm going to do this every day until I have all pots planted, all beds weeded, all rocks pulled back. It's far better than doing it in the full sun. She whines the whole time I have her in the outdoor pen, but she'll get used to the routine. If I have to get up, she can deal with it!

Today I planted 5 perrenials and moved a few things around. I haven't bought but a few annuals yet. Shopping at the market last week with Lola was tricky, and this weekend is the annual flower sale downtown. we usually find lots of great things there. Hopefully Bart can play hooky and go with me :)
I'm also going to attempt poppies again. A neighbor behind us has a ton of them, and uses Liquid Fence to keep them bunny free. I'm pretty sure I have tried it, but her success makes me want to get them planted again.
Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

what's new in my 'hood

Somehow it's the end of May and school is only in session for 20 some days. Crazy. The weather hasn't helped put me in 'summer mode' at all either. I was closer to feeling it in March when we had that 6 week stretch of goregous weather. Now it seems to rain every other day and has been chilly. I hope we are finally over the hump and I can start to plant some stuff!
Life with a puppy is very challenging! I love her to death but MAN is she a lot of work. I must have puppy amnesia, because i don't remember Buddy being as active as she is. He must have been...Jack Russells are an active breed. She gets into everything! Today had her chasing her first chipmunk and bumblebee. And another first-she licked a toad on the patio. It made her foam at the mouth and make her shake her head. Just about gave me a heart attack. I'm sure the people at the vet's office got a good laugh out of it. She was foaming because toads don't taste good. Naturally.

I pulled weeds for an hour today. Things are growing fast from all the rain. I have a lot of purples and yellows in bloom right now. Beautiful. Tomorrow I'll be heading to the farmer's market to pick up a few new lovelies. Friday and Saturday will bring the downtown flower sale as well, where I always find something unique and neat. I can't wait!
We also have 5 games this weekend. Aiyiyi. That's what ya get when you have almost 2 weeks off! I hope they are good ones :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

FO-twisted ovals in mystery lake

pattern: Twisted Ovals
needles: 4 & 6

another pair finished!
This pair came about a little backwards...I bought the yarn because I loved it. No plans what to do with it. I don't often buy sportweight...I usually need more yards than are in a single skein. I researched patterns and found one that required my exact yardage. It's a toe up pattern, so I got a chance to work on my Judy's magic cast on. I still prefer top down socks, but this time was really glad that the pattern was written the way it was. when I put the sock on, it was so tight around my ankles, I would never have worn them. After thinking about it for a few days while working on sock #2, I decided to go up in needle size after the heel, and it worked! I went back to the first sock and ripped it all the way down to the ankle and started over. I even had some yarn leftover, so it the right decision! It would be a shame to not get to wear them!

Things have been super busy again, and I forgot how difficult that life with a puppy can be. She consumes all my time and energy right now. If you would like to follow, I am doing a 365 day photo blog to document her first year with us. That way I can also post lots of puppy pix and not clutter up this blog :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

my poor baby

My sweet little (ok, crazy and rambunctious) baby went in for her puppy checkup today and to get the remainder of her shots. Just a little while ago I picked her up to carry her outside so she wouldn't have to go down a step and she yipped bloody murder. Now she is shaking like a leaf and won't let me touch her. Quite a difference from the little girl who wants me to hold her all the time. I'm so sad and hope this passes quickly. I did call the animal emergency number and they said it sounds like she is just reacting to the shot and to just watch her. But I don't like it one bit.
Life sure is different with a pup around. It's just exhausting. Potty training is not going as well as I'd hoped, and she's decided that Ben is a really fun play toy, so I have to constantly make sure they are seperated. I love puppyhood but dang is she a handful!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

super busy weekend!

I will finish my 'week in the life' posts next week. I have been keeping up with pix and documenting, but this weekend was crazybusy and I haven't had two minutes to absorb it all.
What were we doing, you might ask?
adding a new member to the family...meet Lola Blue. She's a 14 week old Jack Russell girlie of the highest cuteness factor!
and winning soccer tournaments...
and sliding in the mud to celebrate...
and playing fiercly...
and scoring 4 goals, with a half dozen assists.

We are spent. Life is good.