Wednesday, May 19, 2010

what's new in my 'hood

Somehow it's the end of May and school is only in session for 20 some days. Crazy. The weather hasn't helped put me in 'summer mode' at all either. I was closer to feeling it in March when we had that 6 week stretch of goregous weather. Now it seems to rain every other day and has been chilly. I hope we are finally over the hump and I can start to plant some stuff!
Life with a puppy is very challenging! I love her to death but MAN is she a lot of work. I must have puppy amnesia, because i don't remember Buddy being as active as she is. He must have been...Jack Russells are an active breed. She gets into everything! Today had her chasing her first chipmunk and bumblebee. And another first-she licked a toad on the patio. It made her foam at the mouth and make her shake her head. Just about gave me a heart attack. I'm sure the people at the vet's office got a good laugh out of it. She was foaming because toads don't taste good. Naturally.

I pulled weeds for an hour today. Things are growing fast from all the rain. I have a lot of purples and yellows in bloom right now. Beautiful. Tomorrow I'll be heading to the farmer's market to pick up a few new lovelies. Friday and Saturday will bring the downtown flower sale as well, where I always find something unique and neat. I can't wait!
We also have 5 games this weekend. Aiyiyi. That's what ya get when you have almost 2 weeks off! I hope they are good ones :)

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~jan said...

Hi Lola! You are cute as ever! Gorgeous flowers, Sue!