Wednesday, May 12, 2010

FO-twisted ovals in mystery lake

pattern: Twisted Ovals
needles: 4 & 6

another pair finished!
This pair came about a little backwards...I bought the yarn because I loved it. No plans what to do with it. I don't often buy sportweight...I usually need more yards than are in a single skein. I researched patterns and found one that required my exact yardage. It's a toe up pattern, so I got a chance to work on my Judy's magic cast on. I still prefer top down socks, but this time was really glad that the pattern was written the way it was. when I put the sock on, it was so tight around my ankles, I would never have worn them. After thinking about it for a few days while working on sock #2, I decided to go up in needle size after the heel, and it worked! I went back to the first sock and ripped it all the way down to the ankle and started over. I even had some yarn leftover, so it the right decision! It would be a shame to not get to wear them!

Things have been super busy again, and I forgot how difficult that life with a puppy can be. She consumes all my time and energy right now. If you would like to follow, I am doing a 365 day photo blog to document her first year with us. That way I can also post lots of puppy pix and not clutter up this blog :)


Anonymous said...

Wow Sue, those are beautiful!!! Your puppy is just adorable. I wish my hubby would let us get a puppy.

~jan said...

They's lovely!

Brooke S. Rochon said...

So lovely. You are so talented. Gonna check out the the dog blog.