Wednesday, April 30, 2008


120/366 apr. 30, originally uploaded by dogglips2.

Leave it to my Dad to scoop out a big mess of tadpoles for the kids! Em & I went over to help set up garage sale stuff and brought home a tub of wiggly pre-frogs. Polywogs. Whether or not they make it to the frog stage remains to be seen.
Not that we needed Livonia tadpoles; if the amount of frog singin' goin' on in our yard is any indication, we should have a bumper crop.
So the garage sale starts tomorrow, and I think my body is rebelling. All of a sudden I am super tired and not feeling great. One too many trips up the stairs. I am woefully out of shape.
Wish me many sales and a little sunshine!

Monday, April 28, 2008

piles and piles of junk

It's springtime in Michigan, and spring brings garage sales.
Every time I have to get ready for one of these, I swear I will never ever do another one again.
We have a lot of junk.
Let me be clear-the word 'a lot' doesn't sufficiently describe how much stuff we have.
I have spent the day stacking, and pricing, and sorting. There is still so much to be done, and then I get to take it over to my Dad's house. Their sub is having the sale, and they get great foot traffic. Totally worth lugging stuff to their house.
I really hate garage sales. I hate people haggling over your stuff, or turning up their nose like you own total crap. Get over yourselves people, you are basically glorified trash pickers. The weather always seems to be crappy on the day of the sale too, and sitting in a damp, cold garage is near the bottom of my wish list.
I like the idea behind garage sales. Reuse, recycle, renew. And I like that a few bucks is involved. Money is good. I can use it. I just wish it wasn't so subjective and haggly. Universally set prices would be awesome. That's right, the price is the price. It'll be the same tomorrow.
So wish me luck and good sales and whatnot.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

eyes & balls

So today we went to see Divine Child's production of 'Guys & Dolls'.High school plays are not my usual thing, but we went because my Aunt Roberta was the director. It was good. Long. The kids enjoyed it and even managed to sit thru it without fidgeting too much. The best part was before the show at home-Emma & I were talking about the show and she asked what is was called again. I said 'Guys & Dolls'. Evan, who is in the kitchen says 'Eyes & Balls'?
which is probably the funniest thing I've heard in a long time.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

you can learn a lot from a boy

for example...

...why walk when you can pogo stick everywhere?
Have a great weekend :)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Dear Tooth Fairy, yes it's us again...

I'll start by saying that this is a horrible picture. It just is.
So Evan finally lost his other front tooth, after a week or so of fiddling with it non-stop. I'm a little sad to see them go... he had such cute, perfect, tiny little teeth, and now he has a ginormous hole. Maybe it's me, but the hole seems way larger than 2 teeths worth.
I was informed by Ev that he & Emma no longer believe in the Tooth Fairy. Last week after they pulled out their teeth near 10:30, the tooth fairy did not come. I told them that maybe it was too late for her to change her route. Apparently that was the giveaway. I think the tooth fairy should be cut a little slack when faced with a new pick-up by kids who go to sleep late and maybe she didn't have any extra dollars that day. Sheesh.
Happy Friday! Hope you enjoyed this beautiful week.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

5th grade is not for sissies

5th grade is not for sissies, originally uploaded by dogglips2.

she would tell you this herself except she is passed out cold on the couch at 5:30 p.m.
(Right after she killed me for taking this picture, and then posting it)
It was a rough day in the life of Emma. School, Girl Scouts, bike riding, and enough homework to make anyone cry. The thought of tackling all the homework sent her over the edge into hysteria, and unconciousness.
We discovered at 8 something that she didn't eat her lunch and was existing all day on a bag of carrots and a juice box. Of course, she claims this had nothing to do with her losing it.
For someone so smart, she can be pretty dense sometimes!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


junk, originally uploaded by dogglips2.

Today I went 'junking' with my friend Jan, and I found some super cool things! (good thing for birthday money).
We went to 2 different places and ran out of time. Junking is not something you can do if you are pressed for time.
The first place was dirty, dusty, expensive, and had the meanest owner in the world. He was offended that we asked for prices on things (most things weren't marked). Then right in front of us called us ignorant! We didn't ask him to lower the price on a single thing, and he was rude because we didn't say we would take something immediately. Like he was doing us some huge favor. I did buy the green desk from him, but Jan walked out. I wanted to buy an old gate, but wasn't willing to put up with his shit. You would think in our economy he would be begging for sales. Whatever!
The next place we went to was totally the opposite-clean, friendly, and lots of reasonable things. My favorite buy was the yellow enamelware thing. I'll have to Google it to find out what it was originally meant for, but I can picture it full of green things. I love it.
Thanks Jan for a great day!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

he's a Stallion

With all the stuff going on during the last few days, I forgot to mention that Evan is now a member of the Northville Stallions football team.
We got the call early Saturday morning. I think I was more excited than he was! He has wanted this for 2 solid years, but now that it's here, I think he is a little sad to be giving up soccer. He would do both, if there were any way. I'm sad to see him give up soccer, but only because he is starting to be good. Who knows... he may decide that football isn't for him after all. It could happen.
I can't wait to take pix of him in his uniform!

Monday, April 21, 2008

four out of five grandkids

are not easy to photograph at the same time! They are all squirmy and restless. At least when someone is holding the baby they sit still! This was the best I could get, considering they sat for approximately 45 seconds.
Yep. 45 seconds. And then they were off.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

soccer games x three, singing frogs & rock-n-roll

This may be the most random post title ever!
We soccered our brains out today, starting first thing this morning. Evan had his last indoor game, and Emma had back2back games, one in and one out. Evan played like his pants were on fire, but his team lost in the last 20 seconds of the game (stupid cherry picker).
Before we even left for soccer Emma was complaining about how tired she was. After the party last night they went over to my mom's for a sleepover with their cousins-not much sleeping was done. But she played awesome during her indoor game. Their team almost won (they would have if not for 2 penatly shots) against a team that had creamed them 2 weeks ago, so that was really cool. Her outdoor game was much better, and our team won. They were fantastic, and you can tell they are really getting into the whole thing. I yelled an awful lot today.

Bullet the frog has a girlfriend. Or a boyfriend, we can't really be sure. But there is another frog in the pond, and he loves to sing. For the last three nights he has been singing his guts out. He doen't mind if we sit there and watch him. He puffs out his little throat and trills. It's so cool.

And lastly, I got Guitar Hero for my birthday and we (attempted to) rock out today. We suck. But at least we all suck equally.
Emma is probably the best, but we need to work on her 'rock face'.
I may or may not play all day tomorrow when the kids are at school.
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

big hair day

The day had finally come where Emma's hair was long enough to chop and donate!
You don't know how many hours worth of pain and torture we went through to get to this day.
Driving to the salon she still wasn't sure she was going to do it, but I wasn't going to leave until the ponytail was surgically removed from her head.
Here's Dee, the only person who has ever cut Emma's hair. I almost had to shear her in Florida, but luckily I was able to get thru the mess. It's an ugly story.
Her hair is so thick Dee had to put it into 3 sections to cut. That's a bunch of hair.
Halfway done!
In the end Dee cut nearly 10 inches off, and didn't have to go much above Em's shoulders, which was the deal breaker for her.
She keeps running her hands thru her hair and flipping it-she can't keep her hands off it. This is how I know she likes it, even though if asked she will be very blase. I like how healthy it looks, and that she can still pull it back for soccer. 
And it does make her look a little younger, an added bonus!

Today we are having a birthday party -for me! The whole family is coming over to grill and drink and open presents and be humiliated at Dance Dance Revolution if I have anything to say about it.
Have a great weekend!

Friday, April 18, 2008

30 minute even earlier!

Lain's challenge this week was to use the colors yellow & orange, the letters 'A' & 'Z', and a picture of a table if we were clever. I wasn't clever. (She's in Mesa, AZ right now, hence the 'table')
My idea came together relatively fast, once I settled on a picture and did a little tweaking, it took me about 15 minutes to actually complete the page.
my butterfly is yellow. And the page is 12x12 but since I photographed it, it looks wonky.
Wow, at this pace I may actually get back into scrapping.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

it's a totally gorgeous spring day

FINALLY! I was beginning to give up hope. I spent some time out in the garden today scooping up the mounds of leaves that drifted into the yard sometime over the winter. Cutting back the dead stuff so that the new growth can peek through, and draining and scrubbing the pond. 
The kids had a half day today, so Emma & I set up the hammock so that she could read outside in the sun. I bought them a few new books at the school book fair (their report cards & conferences were stellar, I could hardly say no to a few new books) and she has been reading ever since. I doubt the book will last until bedtime!
I had to drain the pond about three quaters of the way, because the stupid ducks will NOT stay out of it. I keep treating the algae, and they keep pooping and tossing dirt into the water and it was beyond gross.
I found this piece of netting in the garage and thought, "what the hell". It doesn't cover the entire surface, but so far the ducks have not tried to get in. HA! Take that, Homer & Marge.
I love having the windows open and feeling the breeze blow thru the house. The gurgling water, chirping birds and windchimes all add to the overall happiness.
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

30 minute Thursday

April 13, 2008, originally uploaded by dogglips2.

I know I waited to the last minute to post this weeks page, but I just never got around to it before today!
My page is 8 1/2 x 11, a size I don't often scrap in.
I got this idea to make various pages about why I do certain things (in this case, knit) and I'm going to just add them sporadically throughout my albums.
The page almost feels under-done to me... I'm not used to using so few products on my pages! But it's nice to go the simple route from time to time.

Dear Tooth Fairy,

107/366 apr.16, originally uploaded by dogglips2.

I know you are busy collecting teeth all over the world, but I wanted to remind you to stop by our house tonight.
Evan finally pulled out that loose front tooth around 10:00 last night. Then to top it off, Emma pulled out a molar. Bring extra money!
You'll have to admit that he looks pretty cute with his gap, even though I had to tickle him to get him to show it to me.
We'll be expecting you!
The Treiber Family

Monday, April 14, 2008

on the eve of my fortieth birthday

In an hour I will be forty, which is just weird to me.
Forty is officially and truly grown up. Forty is maturity.
The strange part is that I don't really even feel thirty, much less forty.
In my head I'm still a confused kid that doesn't know what she wants to do with the rest of her life.
Forty should be interesting anyway!

it was a weird-tastic sort of weekend

104/366 apr.13, originally uploaded by dogglips2.

I spent the last weekend of my thirties utterly doing nothing productive
and loving every minute of it.
It involved very few car tips, which is a good thing.
Emma had a friend spend the night on Friday. The girls set up her room and put on a movie at 9:00. We didn't see or hear them once all night. They are 10. That is abnormal behaviour!
On Saturday morning I plunked down on the couch to knit for a spell while Bart watched his myriad of programming. I don't watch. I just sort of do my thing. But he put on 'Deadliest Catch' which may be the ADDICTIVE show ever, and before I knew it we had watched 6 hours worth of episodes, backtobacktoback. If Emma hadn't had a soccer game, I'm sure we never would have left the sofa. I love the Deadliest Catch. I am caught in it's grip. I am swearing like a sailor. I am watching it as I type. (we logged in a few more hours today.)
Today Evan had back to back games. The first game was great-they won easily and played very good. The second game was a little harder. They played a girls' team... a very FAST girls team that badly wanted to beat the boys' team. The cool part was running into my friend Lynn, who's daughter was on the team. Ev seemed to be paired up with her. He did score a goal, but it was their only one, and they lost. So now he expects payment for every goal (DOH!) I treated him to a medium twist at our favorite place. It's a win for everyone.
I had coffee with my best friend Lisa, whom I haven't seen in 7 months. (Aren't I the greatest friend?) It's all good. We plan to spend copious amounts of time celebrating out fortieth birthdays.
So that pretty much wraps up my weekend of non-activity. Fabulous!
Tomorrow it's off to the DMV to get my license renewed.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

oh no it didn't

(said in my sassiest Sheniqua voice...)
Don't try to tell me that it's snowing outside right now
nope. no snow. It's April 13th. There will be no snow.
NO those are NOT flakes.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

note to self #412

When the nice barista at Starbux offers to give you an extra (fourth) shot for free in your iced caramel macchiato, think twice before accepting.
Even though you order the drink at 2:00 p.m., it's so strong that it will grow hair on your chest, and therefore you will nurse it for many hours. Add more milk every time you take a sip, so that it's tolerable.
The drink will last you throughout the afternoon and into the evening.
So later on, when you are lying in bed at 3 a.m. and you can't sleep, remember that your 2:00 drink turned into a 7:00 quadruple shot of espresso . Peel yourself off the ceiling and promise not to take that extra 'free' shot.

Friday, April 11, 2008

vacation recap #2: culinary delights

taken at Southport Raw Bar, an all-time fave

sorry about that... the vacation recaps took a backseat to the reality of everyday life. After all the soccering and laundry and vacuuming, vacation seems so far away, y'know?
I'm dividing my food recap into 2 sections-road food & vacation food (for the lack of a better name). Let's start with the road food, shall we?
We stopped at Wendy's, Mickey D's, Skyline Chili, Cracker Barrel, Steak -n- Shake, KFC. None were thrilling or exciting or different than at home, except for maddening waits (Wendy's, I'm talking to you). The main annoyance with stopping to eat on the road is that it always takes twice as long as it needs to, no matter how fast we eat.
The best part of vacation,( if you have an adventerous family) are the meals. My kids are very good eaters, and are always willing to try whatever we are eating. The key is not waiting too long to feed them, or they get cranky and need an immediate fast food transfusion.
Sadly, many of our favorite places to eat in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea closed. It's a bummer. But the good news is that there are still many, many places to chase off a fierce hunger.
on a side note- we eat dinner really late. And sometimes not at all, if we have a big lunch. We usually order a bunch of things and everyone splits them, so it's more like a feast.
Since we arrived in the middle of the afternoon the very first thing we did was order subs from LaSpada, this awesome deli that we often dream of on a hot summers day. We just get italian subs, but they are chock full of meat & cheese, smothered in dressing and topped with lots of pickles and sweet peppers. To die for. Add some Wasabi Mustard chips to it, and a cold beer, and you have the perfect meal.
On Easter we ate at a new Greek restaurant named Avra, which was beyond good. Our waiter was really cool, and kept bringing us things to try free of charge. I had lamb chops that were simply divine. We also tried some calamari that was stuffed with cheese. Interesting, to say the least. He also brought out souvlaki and a huge piece of baklava that simply melted in your mouth.
One place we always make time for is Aruba, just down the beach from the condo. Sometimes we get take out, but this time we decided to eat there. Blue cheeseburgers and yummy fries.
Another favorite is Southport Raw Bar. When we fly down, it's always the first stop after the airport, no matter the time of day. It's the first place the kids ask to go to. This time we had a major feast... mussels in wine, fried clams, fish & chips, conch chowder, conch fritters, old bay shrimp. Dad & Carol had oysters as well, and Evan tried one. See what I mean?
Our best dinner was in Islamorada. Sunset in Islamorada is pure heaven on earth. We had dinner at the Lorelai, outside watching the sunset. I had parmesan encrusted yellowtail snapper-my favoritist fish of all! Not only was the food superb, but so was the show! Everyone agreed this was our favorite moment of vacation.
Before we left we got takeout pizza from this awesome place who's name I've forgotten. Margarita pizza, with lots of of basil and cheese. A huge batch of fried calamari. And the best garlic rolls of all time.
My stepmom is also a fantastic cook, and we did make a few meals when we didn't feel like getting dressed for dinner. There was a never ending supply of delicious things to eat.
And then we come home and eat corndogs and pot roast.
Ahh, it was good while it lasted!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

don't die of shock, but I actually scrapbooked!

I did this layout of Evan skimboarding for a challenge put forth by Lain . 30 minute page using scalloped paper, a sticker, and a sports picture. The minute I read about her challenge, I knew I wanted to use this photo. It came together so quick, I was amazed. I haven't scrapped in like forever. I wasn't sure if I would even be able to pull an idea together in 30 minutes.
The journaling reads:
Shh. Listen to the surf. Tune ot all the noise around you. watch the waves and their never-ceasing pattern. Small wave in, it curls back, a bigger wave comes in. In, curl, wave. In curl, wave. Ready, set, go. Let the tides guide you. It's time.
I made the pattern on the paper using bubble wrap, Versamark ink & white embossing powder. It turned out better than I expected!
Tomorrow she'll be posting a new challenge, so hopefully it won't be months & months before I scrap something. 
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

another sure sign of spring

Found the ducks floating in the pond this morning.
For the sake of calling them something, I'm going to go with Homer & Marge.
Homer: "Here's a nice little patch of water. Let's fowl it up."
Marge: "I heard they had a dog. Dogs will chase us."
Homer: "Don't worry. Their dog is too busy lying in a sunbeam to even notice us."
Marge: "Uh-oh... we've been spotted."
Homer: "Shake a tailfeather Marge. She's opening the door. Just act nonchalant, like we have every right to be swimming in her 'pond' and she'll go back inside."
Marge: "It's not working. She's following us. I think we had better find another place to swim."

Homer: "Ok, you win, for now. I will show you my cute little curly tailfeathers in an effort to melt your heart."
Marge: "we'll be back. Just try to keep us out. You and your little dog,too!"

I enjoy ducks, very much I do. Just not in my 200 gallons of water. They make a mess of it really quick. They poop all over the stones. And they hatch adorable little fuzzy ducklings. Buddy loves to chase ducklings (when he's not too busy sleeping in a sunbeam). I don't need any lil dead duck bodies to traumatize my children. As it is, if they are around when the kids come home from school, Emma will set up a nature preserve and be hand feeding them within the hour.

Another sign of spring-tuna macaroni salad for dinner tonight. YUM!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

home sweet home

After 4 weekends of driving in the car, I am so glad to be home for the forseeable future.
of course, it's all relative, because I looked at my schedule this week and 'home' isn't exactly where I'll spend the majority of the week! Between now and next Sunday afternoon I will have:
2 soccer practices
4 soccer games
1 girl scout outing
1 birthday party
and probably other stuff that I don't even realize.
It's good to be home. (no, really it is :) )

The above picture is the perfect demonstration of why I love soccer. This season Evan has been playing balls-to-the-wall all out contact soccer. He is in the fight every time. He is winning most of his challenges. Most importantly, he is giving it all and he is getting good. Too bad I can't talk him out of wanting to play football instead...
His team lost their last game, and it's so frustrating. They dominated the field the entire game, they just can't seem to put the ball in the net. The same can be said for all 3 games this weekend. Clearly the stronger team; just never the winners.
Evan scored the only goal of the game. Naturally, because I had promised him 10 bucks for every goal. (a little bribery never hurt). He almost doubled his take but was unlucky. I guess that's lucky for me :)
Trying to wrestle both exhausted BUT NOT TIRED kids into bed early on this beautiful Sunday night. Wish me luck.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Hi from Cincinnati!
We have been here all weekend for a tournament. So far Evan's team has played 2 games and tomorrow morning is our third. Unfortunately, they lost both games, so there isn't a chance they will play more.
The weather has been great for soccer-high 50's with little wind. The fields aren't too muddy, and things are even green here.
The team is playing very well, we just have had some unlucky breaks. The second game they were winning until the last 2 minutes.
Evan has been playing awesome-always charging at the ball and staying right on the players. Hopefully tomorrow's game will go better.
We had a great dinner at Champp's. Kids swam a little. Everyone is passed out right now but me. I'm taking advantage of the quiet. :)
Hope your weekend is great!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

recap #1: the to-ing and fro-ing

Driving any significant distance to go on a relaxing vacation is crazy
unless you are one of those people who just love travel for travel's sake
and a full day of puttering around in the car sounds like fun.
I don't happen to be one of those people.
I want to get the 'getting there' over with, so I can begin having fun immediately.
It doesn't help that Bart and I aren't really compatable travelers. We often start out fine, and then wind up like those bickering couples on The Amazing Race who threaten to kill each other. It's not pretty.
Knowing all this, we planned to drive to Ft. Lauderdale anyway.
It was either that or stay home. And we always do that. Stupid airlines have made flying way too expensive for a family of four.
The to-ing:
We left Thursday afternoon at 5:15. Our destination was Lexington, KY. Comfort Inn. Recommened by fellow travelers.
The ride to Lexington was great-not nearly as much traffic as we expected. Everyone was still pretty happy to be on the road; The kids were getting along great.
And then we stopped for dinner.
Nothing fancy-we decided to hit Wendy's as it was the first thing we all agreed on.
We got in line behind 2 women in scrubs who were purchasing meals for everyone they worked with. And it toook forever. And the kid behind the register stopped taking orders until every last item they ordered was ready. It was excruciating. By the time we decided to leave, we had almost been there 30 minutes, so we stuck it out, unhappily.
This was a sign of all stops to come.
We got to the hotel at about 11:15 and were estatic to discover a STARBUX right across the street! SWEET! (always a good thing for drivers). The hotel was nice, but the kids were too wound up to sleep right away. Why is that? We are ready to pass out and they are jumping from bed to bed.
We hit the road by 7:30, BUX in hand. The drive was great (and we were making excellent time) until we got about 50 miles outside of Atlanta. At this point, traffic was at a stand still for no apparent reason. Little bits of construction, but nothing that should have caused us to go 100 miles in 3 hours.
The plan was to stop in Lady Lakes to visit Bart's Aunt & Uncle at the Villages, and then continue on down to Lauderdale. The longer we sat in traffic, we knew our plan was shot to hell.
We rolled into the Villages at 10:30. If you haven't heard of the Villages before, it's an enormous retirement village that has 70,000 residents. And every restaurant, bank, store, doctor, amenty imaginable. 35 golf courses. It's that big.
We visited until we were too tired to visit, and they kindly put us up for the night. And made us breakfast. And gave us a tour of the Villages. It was lovely.
Bart & the kids with Aunt Gwen

The rest of our trip down was uneventful. And rainy. The kids were carefully tracking the GPS and how many minutes it should take us to get to our destination.
Side note: we all hate Georgia. From now on, every threat will include a drive thru the state that never ends.
The fro-ing:
began much the way the to-ing did. Uneventful, low traffic volume. We left on Friday at 5:15, after the most gorgeous day we had seen. Loaded with WMPC & Jamba Juice, we were ready to go North.Bart was feeling so good we pressed on past Jacksonville into Georgia (AHHHH!) Armed with a new route and Dad's trusty maps, we were going to outsmart Georgia by only going thru a little bit of it! HA! The thought alone made us giddy. And we were going to see some mountains and stuff. Way cool.
We stopped at 12:30 am, both kids sleeping (mainly why we kept driving) at a Super 8. It was packed! We got the last room with queen beds and hurried upstairs, excited to sleep. Bart inserted the key into the door and cautiously opened it, because the lights were on & so was the air conditioning. One of the beds was unmade. It was like Goldilocks and the three bears. Who's been sleeping in my bed? The room had been cleaned, but I guess the maid forgot to make the bed. It was just bizarre. They sent someone to make it up, which the kids found fascinating. She was fast. But still. It's a friggin' hotel. Make the damn bed.
Saturday morning crusing along after finding another Starbux (!) Until just before Virginia. Dead stop. For a long time. Go some, stop some. And we are running out of gas. We barely made it thru before we hit another one of these fun stops at the V/WV border. Another 2 hours passes. We watch in dismay as our arrival home time goes from 7 hours to 26 hours.
The absolute worst part is that went we finally make it thru the 'construction' there was nothing. Nothing! Not a cone, or a barrel. Nothing. Just one lane of hell for 2 hours.
We didn't stop for dinner until 8:00, and every place was packed. We ended up at Bob Evan's which just took forever.
I drove thru the wind-y, pitch black mountainous roads with white knuckles. I hated it. It was worse than driving thru Georgia, with it's flat terrain and unnecessary stopping. I couldn't wait to get our butts out of there.
I slept on & Off while Bart pushed us thru the night, getting us home at 3:30 in the morning.

I left out lots of stuff, because this story is already way too long and boring, but an important part of the vacation. Suffice to say,while it wasn't horrible, I don't want to do it again anytime soon. 
We need ruby slippers, so we can click our heels together three times and say "There's no place like home". That would be the best way to travel!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

PSA #46

for the love of chips, originally uploaded by dogglips2.

Leave it to 'healthy eaters' David & Carol Anderson (aka dad & Carol)
to find the best new taste sensation of the season...
Archer Farms Wasabi Mustard Potato Chips
While I enjoy chips, I've always been a sweets girl. My main beef with chips is that once you open the bag, you have to either eat them all immediatley or they go stale.
Stale chips suck.
I also rarely buy them anytime other than summer, since they are one of the 5 main food groups of pool-going Treibers. (they would be; chips & dill dip, pretzels & barcheese, gazpacho, grilled chicken on salad, & hot dogs) We support a widely varied diet come summertime.
SO imagine my delight upon tucking into a re-sealable bag of kettle cooked wasabi mustard chips.
We bought 2 bags before we left Florida, just in case our Target didn't carry them. I am happy to report that they aren't a regional treat. Michiganders and Floridians alike can partake of the deliciousness that is WMPC.
These are mine. Get your own bag.