Wednesday, February 29, 2012

project Life: week 8

The week came together really fast for me.
Here's the spread:

A closer look at the left page. I used 2 templates from Cathy Z, one journaling card From Nisa Fiin and one from a Smash pad. All of the kraft cuts are from Nicole, pictured in the bottom left corner with her kids. The bottom right photo was taken by Emma for a school assignment, and I intend to have her journal on it a bit.
The right page is mostly photos. 7am on our snowy morning, my friend Lisa & me, the kids out playing soccer, Skypeing with my dad & Carol, Oscar and the list of winners, Evan & a friend, and a completed knitting project. I also used Making Memories, 7 Gypsies, & Martha Stewart stickers, another die cut from Nicole, a Studio Calico stamp, and an Ormolu tab.
A close up of the today die cut
and a banner on the photo of Evan.
Simple and non-fussy, much like my week was!
Thanks for stopping by :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

project Life: week 7

Still feeling the Project Life love over here. So much so, that many weeks I have a bunch of leftover photos. Maybe at the end of the year I can do a layout with all the leftover bits.
Here's the spread:

On the left side: a Cathy Z. journaling template, a tiny template, an e-Valentine from a friend, a note I found in my purse from Emma, Dexter, and my new car.
A closer look at my car. I used washi tape, a Heide Swapp ghost heart & a piece of sticker. Stitched with my sewing machine.
Right side & insert. The insert I seed with my sewing machine after I placed all the elements inside. They are free floating inside the pockets.
Word art from 2 different Ali Edwards kits. All photos were from my phone.
Right side mostly focuses on cookie pick up day (I am cookie Mom for Emma's troop; it's a big deal), a shot of Max, my grocery cart, and my current knitting project. Oh, and a currents card, which I want to include every week. Or maybe every other week.
Thanks for looking! Tomorrow I will post week 8.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Project Life: week 6

Finished week 6 yesterday! Here's a look at what I've done.
A look at the two page spread with 6x12 insert.
Close-up of the left side. I used a Making Memories sheet in the top left corner with a photo of my love, Casi Cielo coffee :). I also used an Ormulu negative tag, and many old 7 gypsies stickers. Label stickers are from Fontwerks.
I had a lot of journaling this week, so I used the 6x12 journaler from Cathy Z.
Close up of the right side. More 7 gypsies stickers, a chipboard arrow, Ormulu fabric scrap & tab, Amy Tangerine sticker, Hambly transparency, Doodlebug stickers, and a Nisa Fiin journaling card.
Backside of the 6x12 page. I notice that it says favorite ----- of the week. I was looking for a camera accent to put on it. Someday I'll come across what i need. Cute washi tape and 7 gypsies sticker.
Loving the mix of old and new elements. I try to use one old thing for every new thing.
I felt like I took a lot less photos this week, but still ended up with enough. Some weeks will be like that, I suppose!
I just ordered 2 big packs of page protectors, so I will have plenty to finish off the project, and maybe even start 2013! So exciting :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Project Life: week 5

Hello and welcome to week 5 of Project Life. Still loving the project, even if I didn't love the week. It was a less than stellar week for us. Still I managed to find some things worth photographing, even though all week I felt like I didn't take many pix at all.

Left page: I used Design F page protector, so I had a ton of little slots. Lots of slots=lots of journaling cards! I used 3 from my clementine kit, one from Erica Hernandez, one from Cathy Zielske, and 2 from Jessica Sprague. I pulled out a bunch of old embellies too. Love that I can find ways to work them in. I also included my gas receipt, and a note explaining why I have 2 Sundays in this week. Like Sharyn, I was getting frustrated with the Monday-Saturday week. This way will work much better for me.
I also wrote the story of my biopsy inside of the the cards, so it's a little more private.
Hand made envelope with the kids' report cards. Used my sewing machine for this one.
6x12 insert with a little ditty written to the month of January, a card I got in the mail, and a groundhog. On the backside will be a layout for SuperBowl Sunday, but the pictures I printed are too big and I need to redo them. Or come up with another plan. So for now it's blank, and that's ok.
Right page: Design B page protector with horizontal pockets. Challenging! Actually the hardest part was filling the 4x6 vertical windows. I didn't have many photos that worked in that orientation this week.
Once again, I used a card from Erica, one from Marcy Penner, and the rest are from the kit. The arrow was made by Nicole. I used 3 type of washi tape (I am so in love). I included the gift card that came with my plant too.
So that's it! 5 weeks, done!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

FO-Rambutan socks and Lateral epicondylitis

Here is my most recent FO: Cookie's Rambutan socks.
This was the last pattern and yarn for the 2011 sock club. It isn't available to the public until December 2012, but it's a great pattern!
The yarn is Bugga! by Sanguine Gryphon, and is absolutely wonderful. Can't say enough great things about it. Sadly, SG is no longer.

Somewhere along the way, after I did my gussets, I stopped looking at the directions and missed the foot chart. Whoopsie! Instead, mine is all stockinette stitch. It's pretty, but maybe I'll make another pair the correct way someday.
This may be my last FO for quite a while. I have been experiencing pain (commonly known as tennis elbow) in my right elbow for several months, and it's gotten to the point where it hurts to do anything at all with my arm. It wakes me up many times each night. Even little things like using scissors or grabbing the gallon of milk are unbearable. According to research, total rest until the pain is gone is the solution. Since I can't feasibly do that, knitting will have to go on the back burner until the pain subsides. It's killing me! What will I do with myself?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

FO-Ronan's sweater & booties

Haven't shown any knitting in a long time!
Last month I made this sweater and bootie set for my high school friend Bret, who was preparing to welcome his first child. I was hoping to get to meet the young man while they were here, but Bret had to leave sooner than expected.
This sweater is cool because you can wear it facing either way.

As a last minute addition, I made these 'fake Uggs', which I thought were the cutest things ever. Super easy to make. Whipped them up in a night.
Both are knit in Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo yarn. I love working with this yarn. I've made many things from it. It is so soft next to the skin! Also has a lovely sheen. It's a great yarn.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhog day

It's somehow appropriate that I have to go have another biopsy on GD.
My appointment is at 1:30. I won't know any details for a few days. In the meantime, happy thoughts...send 'em!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Project Life: week 4

Try not to pass out from shock, but this makes two blog posts in one day! As far as I know, the world is not coming to an end. I wanted to post week 4 before it was week 5.
Week 4 was an extremely busy week, but I took less pictures than I have been. I certainly didn't need an insert to capture all that went on.
Here's an overview of the spread:
close up of the first page. Loving using the Instagram photos. In fact, only 4 photos in the whole layout were taken with my camera. The rest are iPhone shots.
The right side. I pulled out some really old rub ons, a few chipboard embellishments, a number sticker, office tabs. I'm using up old stuff, one tiny piece at a time! Woo hoo!
I have officially becoming a journaling card fanatic. I've used ones here from Cathy Z., Marcy P., and Nisa Fiin.

So week 4, done and done!

Goodbye, January

Goodbye January
with your weird weather and your non-winter.
I had more headaches in your 31 day span than I ever have before.
You started out great (New Year's with HJ!) and quickly devolved into a mess of early soccer games and appointments too numerous to mention.
Goodbye to your bad news and lack of sunshine.
I can't say I'll miss you!

I got a lovely mint plant delivered today from my friend Cindi. Cindi, whom I haven't seen in 20+ years. Sometimes, life surprises you in such a good way. It smells like sunshine and summertime in my house, and boosted my mood more than she can ever know!