Friday, July 30, 2010

Temagami: The Island

My Aunt Cindy and her husband John own a small private island in Lake Temagami, northern Ontario. Go ahead and Google it...I didn't know where it was either! For years, my dad & step mom have been telling us how awesome it is and how we should get the kids up there for a few days of fun and exploring, so this summer, when the chance presented itself, we jumped on it.

FYI, my pics and words won't do justice to how beautiful this place truly is!

On the lake, there are approximately 1,000 small islands just like this one. This is 630, summer home of the Sappingtons.
The island is rock based, with some areas that slope down into the water gently while others drop off and are perfect for jumping into the lake.

There are countless interesting rock formations, and everything is covered in soft green moss or fluffy white reindeer moss. Or both. I almost forgot the blueberry bushes...about 10" tall and covered in tiny tiny blueberries all over the island.
A thick bed of pine needles make you feel like you are walking on a mattress. Paths are delineated by logs and stones, and lead you from house to house, swimming spots to the dock and back again. Can you spot Lola lounging in the sunshine?

The pines are tall and soft and whisper in the wind. They provide shade but allow in filtered sunlight throughout. The best part about the island is how secluded you are. The lake is so large, days will go by before you see another boat or person. There is no traffic noise. There were no crickets, but the loons serenaded us almost constantly, and the resident hummingbirds were not afraid to zip past you while lounge on the hammock.
The entire coast is fun to explore, for humans and dogs alike!! I love the reeds and lilys that dot the shoreline.
Some pretty interesting things grow on there!
Cindy and John have made a wonderful home here!
We were lucky enough to see the full moon and have beautiful weather during our stay. Unfortunalty we didn't see the Milky Way or the Northern Lights, but maybe next time!
Tomorrow, I'll talk about the kids!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I thought summertime things were supposed to slow down. I was wrong.
I've had a million blog posts in my head but haven't taken the time to actually write things down. Time is speeding by!
We are leaving tomorrow morning to go on vacation, which is beyond exciting. We are going to a small private island in Temagami, which is in northern Ontario. I won't have internet access until Monday or Tuesday, but I promise to share lots of photos of our adventure. Until then, be good and have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This was my favorite photo from the sleepover
until I saw this one :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

the Fab 4 hit the park

Luke & Olivia are spending the night at our house for a cousin sleepover! I took the kids to the 'castle' park to run around and play before bedtime. A few snaps:
on the bridge to Mill Race Village
Lukey crossing the monkey bars
the girls on the tightrope

dancing in the gazebo
ringing the bell
It was a lot of fun, but boy did we get sweaty! I didn't realize it was so humid outside. Now if only everyone will go to bed!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hello, July!

We've been doing a lot of this in the last week!
I don't even remember July 1st...each day feels much like the last. It's hotter than hot and we are just doing our thing.
  • Emma has been volunteering with a few Girl Scout buddies at Safety Town last week and this week. There are so many helpers that they each have a personal buddie. Em's is Xander. She loves him.
  • Evan went to a carnival and his first concert with a buddy yesterday. Haven't heard from him yet, but guessing he had a great time.
  • spending loads of time with the cousins-'the Fab 5', playing, swimming, beading, coloring, laughing. It makes me wish even harder that they lived here :)
  • settling into a summertime rhythm. Pretty laid back while it's sooo hot, but we did get in quite a few dog park visits and walks last week while it was cooler.
That's about it for us! I have to go find the perfect birthday gift for a certain 5 year old :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canadian invasion!

The Anderson's have arrived!
needless to say, my kids are excited just a wee bit :)
the girls
Emma & Luke doing crazy dives
getting a tow around the pool
Treiber two stack
Luke losing his drawers
Matt & Beanie

3 of 5 Andersons are staying for a whole month, which gives us tons of time to play and play and get to know the kids a lot better. It's going to be awesome.