Monday, July 12, 2010

the Fab 4 hit the park

Luke & Olivia are spending the night at our house for a cousin sleepover! I took the kids to the 'castle' park to run around and play before bedtime. A few snaps:
on the bridge to Mill Race Village
Lukey crossing the monkey bars
the girls on the tightrope

dancing in the gazebo
ringing the bell
It was a lot of fun, but boy did we get sweaty! I didn't realize it was so humid outside. Now if only everyone will go to bed!


Jen on the Edge said...

I'm guessing that the older cousins are somewhat protective of the younger ones?

They're all so cute!

mycreativespirit said...

Wow, my kids have always called it the "Castle Park" too! Hubs and I were just at Mill Race a week ago. I love it, especially the Yerkes house.