Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hello, July!

We've been doing a lot of this in the last week!
I don't even remember July 1st...each day feels much like the last. It's hotter than hot and we are just doing our thing.
  • Emma has been volunteering with a few Girl Scout buddies at Safety Town last week and this week. There are so many helpers that they each have a personal buddie. Em's is Xander. She loves him.
  • Evan went to a carnival and his first concert with a buddy yesterday. Haven't heard from him yet, but guessing he had a great time.
  • spending loads of time with the cousins-'the Fab 5', playing, swimming, beading, coloring, laughing. It makes me wish even harder that they lived here :)
  • settling into a summertime rhythm. Pretty laid back while it's sooo hot, but we did get in quite a few dog park visits and walks last week while it was cooler.
That's about it for us! I have to go find the perfect birthday gift for a certain 5 year old :)

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~jan said...

I think you deserve an iced coffee with a friend soon! ;)