Thursday, March 29, 2012

Go Mustangs!

In less than an hour, Emma will be playing in her first high school soccer game. I'm excited and nervous for her all at the same time. She knows how to play...she's been doing it for years. But this is something special, playing for your school. 
A year ago, she said never in a million years would she try out for the school team. The amount of confidence she's gained since then is incredible. And yesterday she got another boost; her coach told her that he's going to play her as left back, because most teams put their best forwards on the right, and he feels she is the best defender against this. How cool is that?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Project Life: week 12

Hello week 12! Another week that fit together quickly like the pieces of a puzzle. For the first time ever, I actually sketched out on a post it where my photos were going to go before I printed them! I must be becoming a scrapper again :)
Here's the spread. There are 2 inserts this week.
On the left is my CZ journaling card with dates stamped on. The backside of my lace paper. Our tickets and a photo of the Hunger Games.
Sharyn met up with us on Sunday to say hello, and Brian took this photo of us. Love it!
Terrible iPhone photo, but it works in small format. Besides, capturing the memory is more important that perfect photos!
Front side of the insert. Bart bought us a new iPad as a family gift. All of the photos were taken with it. Old Heidi Swapp tab.

Me second insert...a postcard from Hawaii! I asked my friend MaryAnn to send me one and she didn't forget :)
Right side: I made 2 collages with these templates again. Love them. Used a few old stickers and journaling cards from Jessica Sprague. I also plan to create a journaling tab behind the Max pics about our froggy experience.
Jillibean soup label (I love these) and some Tim Holtz washi like tape.
Love using up some old stuff that I thought I'd never use again.
12 weeks, done! I can't believe it.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Project Life: week 11

Week 11 and I still love this project! This week was a little tough for me to put together. Even though I took a ton of pictures, I didn't save many to use in the big slots and ended up not having as many as I'd like.
Here's the full spread:
close up of left side. A CZ template, Martha labels, EK stickers (my goal is to use all of them up!), Smash pad page, and a photo from Pinterest that made me happy.
I used an insert to hold 20 instagram 2x2 photos, and did some doodling/journaling in the blank spaces. I used stamps from Studio Calico, Sharpies, an American crafts 'T', and some old stickers.
Backside of the insert. I trimmed one row off. I used the thank you sticker from a yarn order, an Ali E. sticker, more Studio Calico stamps.
The right side. The Costco lady really loved the photo of Lola laying on top of Dexter. Another Smash pad page chronicling Evan's first cavity and filling. Emma's soccer acceptance letter.
Here's a close-up of a few of the pics in the insert.
I put a tab on top of the letter, and folded it in case she ever wants to take it out.
And yet another weather screenshot. How can you not include these when the weather has been like ours? Unreal!
My sunrise photo in the side mirror. And I had nothing for the last journal spot, so I cut a piece of KI lace paper into 3x4 size, and stamped on a piece of acetate. Added a butterfly that I had sitting on my desk.
backside of the insert. More Studio Calico stamps. More random stickers.
I love the 2x2 photo pages. I know I will use a ton more of these.
Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Project Life: week 10

A fellow Project Lifer pointed out that we are 1/5 through the year. How is that possible? I've been able to think of little else. Crazy how time passes so fast. I'm so glad that I am capturing all of these little bits of daily life. This has been one of my favorite scrapping projects ever.
Here's week 10:
On the left side I pulled out many old embellishments: a Heidi Swapp journaling spot & index label, an Ali Edwards, EK & 7 Gypsies stickers. Also a few new ones: Martha Stewart label, Jillibean soup & American Craft stickers. Still loving the Cathy Z. tiny templates, and this freebie from Tina. I created the time trials block in Photoshop, using the image from Google images. Super easy.
I followed Nicole's lead a few weeks ago and cut up all of my scrap paper into 3x4 or 4x6 pieces, so that I could just grab and use. Brilliant!
little bits oc color and stitching
I wasn't going to have an insert this week, but we got this flyer in the mail for Treiber University apparel, which totally cracked me up. Instead of cutting it up, I just hole punched it and stuck it in.
Right side: More Heidi Swapp, KI alphabet soup, Martha Stewart punch, washi tape.
This collage was made using one of Liz's templates, as was the one in the bottom corner.

I used a set of Ali's brushes on the photo as well as a sharpie.
Top photo uses a Cathy Z brush, and one of her story teller cards is right below it. On the bottom of the card is a digital element from Erica.
Whew! That's a lot of links :)
Thanks for looking. See you next week!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Project Life: week 9

I can't believe that it's already the first week of March! Crazypants!
Here's a look at week 9's spread...

Close up of the left side. This week I used an Ali Edwards journaling box for my main text. The bracket card is from Linda Tieu (a freebie!) I cut it in half and reversed the brackets to go with each photo.
Here's a close up of the date card. I used 2 washi tapes, A Scenic Route chipboard circle, and the postage label from an international package that I received this week. A rarity.
Cosmo Cricket tiny text stickers on the sunset photo. EK Success ancient stickers on the photo of Max reading.
Right side! Lots of slots to fill.
'love' & YOU arrow Silhouette cut outs from Nicole,7 gypsies stickers, envelope template from Erica Hernandez (hiding some journaling about difficulties with Evan this week). Another chip circle from SR, and bookbinding tape from MM.
Martha Stewart office labels & A Heidi Swapp journaling spot.
And look! I created something digitally! Totally not my forte, but I thought it was kind of fun, so I kept it.
A screen capture of the weather on Friday night, March 2nd. It's not supposed to be 48 degrees! Crazy winter continues.
Lola cuddling with her latest WebKinz. She loves these silly things, and we have a never ending supply.
I used an Ormolu dot here, with an Amy Tangerine letter sticker.
On all of the large photos and some of the small ones, I used a Cathy Z. weekday brush to add the day. Something fun and different!
Thanks for looking. I'm loving this project.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

FO-Simple socks for Nicole

Last week I was able to pick up my needles and knit again! The pain in my elbow was down, and I tried to not knit more than an jour at a time. So far, so good!
I knit this pair of fun socks for my friend Nicole, who took the time to make me some awesome die cuts with her Silhouette. I offered to pay her for her time and she declined. So I made her socks :)
Super basic stockinette pattern. 64 stitch cast on. Alternated colors every 4 rows. I used Knit Picks yarn in Chroma & Stroll. The yarn was really nice to work with, and there are so many colors! I can't wait to start a pair for myself. Maybe three or four pair!

The colors just make me happy. Giddy, even.
Nicole got her socks today, and they fit (whew!) and she likes them (double whew!)
There is nothing quite as awesome as a pair of hand knit socks. I will never get tired of making them.