Friday, February 17, 2012

Project Life: week 6

Finished week 6 yesterday! Here's a look at what I've done.
A look at the two page spread with 6x12 insert.
Close-up of the left side. I used a Making Memories sheet in the top left corner with a photo of my love, Casi Cielo coffee :). I also used an Ormulu negative tag, and many old 7 gypsies stickers. Label stickers are from Fontwerks.
I had a lot of journaling this week, so I used the 6x12 journaler from Cathy Z.
Close up of the right side. More 7 gypsies stickers, a chipboard arrow, Ormulu fabric scrap & tab, Amy Tangerine sticker, Hambly transparency, Doodlebug stickers, and a Nisa Fiin journaling card.
Backside of the 6x12 page. I notice that it says favorite ----- of the week. I was looking for a camera accent to put on it. Someday I'll come across what i need. Cute washi tape and 7 gypsies sticker.
Loving the mix of old and new elements. I try to use one old thing for every new thing.
I felt like I took a lot less photos this week, but still ended up with enough. Some weeks will be like that, I suppose!
I just ordered 2 big packs of page protectors, so I will have plenty to finish off the project, and maybe even start 2013! So exciting :)


Erica said...

I dig the 6x12 insert...such a great idea for extra journaling (haven't had a problem with that just yet :p)

And I am obsessed with that Meyer's too.

Jan C. said...

Talk to me about how you are dealing with using different designs of page protectors. I didn't really think ahead about the fact that most weeks turn out to be 2-pagers, so then the next week you are tied in to using the back of the last page protector, and it's hard to switch from 6 x 4 photos to 4 x 6, etc. I think I'm only working on about Week 3, and I ended up cutting up one 4 x 6 photo into puzzle pieces to try to fit it into the 6 x 4 format. It's laughable. Your pages look so planned and beautiful. I feel like I am just randomly cramming things into the photo pockets and hoping for the best, lol!