Thursday, February 9, 2012

Project Life: week 5

Hello and welcome to week 5 of Project Life. Still loving the project, even if I didn't love the week. It was a less than stellar week for us. Still I managed to find some things worth photographing, even though all week I felt like I didn't take many pix at all.

Left page: I used Design F page protector, so I had a ton of little slots. Lots of slots=lots of journaling cards! I used 3 from my clementine kit, one from Erica Hernandez, one from Cathy Zielske, and 2 from Jessica Sprague. I pulled out a bunch of old embellies too. Love that I can find ways to work them in. I also included my gas receipt, and a note explaining why I have 2 Sundays in this week. Like Sharyn, I was getting frustrated with the Monday-Saturday week. This way will work much better for me.
I also wrote the story of my biopsy inside of the the cards, so it's a little more private.
Hand made envelope with the kids' report cards. Used my sewing machine for this one.
6x12 insert with a little ditty written to the month of January, a card I got in the mail, and a groundhog. On the backside will be a layout for SuperBowl Sunday, but the pictures I printed are too big and I need to redo them. Or come up with another plan. So for now it's blank, and that's ok.
Right page: Design B page protector with horizontal pockets. Challenging! Actually the hardest part was filling the 4x6 vertical windows. I didn't have many photos that worked in that orientation this week.
Once again, I used a card from Erica, one from Marcy Penner, and the rest are from the kit. The arrow was made by Nicole. I used 3 type of washi tape (I am so in love). I included the gift card that came with my plant too.
So that's it! 5 weeks, done!

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Nicole said...

I love reading all of your little notes. The envelope is awesome too! I can't tell you how happy I am about your good news today. :)