Monday, April 28, 2008

piles and piles of junk

It's springtime in Michigan, and spring brings garage sales.
Every time I have to get ready for one of these, I swear I will never ever do another one again.
We have a lot of junk.
Let me be clear-the word 'a lot' doesn't sufficiently describe how much stuff we have.
I have spent the day stacking, and pricing, and sorting. There is still so much to be done, and then I get to take it over to my Dad's house. Their sub is having the sale, and they get great foot traffic. Totally worth lugging stuff to their house.
I really hate garage sales. I hate people haggling over your stuff, or turning up their nose like you own total crap. Get over yourselves people, you are basically glorified trash pickers. The weather always seems to be crappy on the day of the sale too, and sitting in a damp, cold garage is near the bottom of my wish list.
I like the idea behind garage sales. Reuse, recycle, renew. And I like that a few bucks is involved. Money is good. I can use it. I just wish it wasn't so subjective and haggly. Universally set prices would be awesome. That's right, the price is the price. It'll be the same tomorrow.
So wish me luck and good sales and whatnot.


Julie L said...

Good luck! We just spring cleaned right into a huge dumpster... it felt so good!

Kelley P said...

I hear you! I hate garage sale prep. I understand the need to haggle but sometimes it gets ridiculous!

SAR girls said...

The dumpster action gets my vote! Good luck Sue-rememeber, those people arent ignorant, they're your customers! LOL. :)