Wednesday, July 23, 2008

boobies vs. groupies

The first few times I heard this song, I had to laugh. I mean, the Pusycats Dolls. C'mon. Right there, that's worth a chuckle. So listen to the chorus of this song:
When I grow up
I wanna be famous
I wanna be a star
I wanna be in movies
When I grow up
I wanna see the world
Drive nice cars
I wanna have boobies

Way to put that out there, Dolls. 
Then Bart informs me that the lyric is actually 'groupies' and not 'boobies'. I was understandably disappointed. 'Boobies' makes the song interesting, at least. What young girl doesn't wish for boobies? I know I did. However I never once wished for groupies. I doubt I even knew what groupies were. I was, however, familiar with boobies.
Bart: "I can't believe you would think that they are singing about boobies."
me: "Um, it is the Pussycat Dolls. Not that far of a stretch."
Bart: "Hey, they are nice, wholesome girls."
me: "Uh huh."

Imagine my feeling of vindication when I received this weeks' Entertainment Weekly, and an EW poll revealed that 66% of people thought the lyric was 'boobie'.
take a moment to enjoy this fine piece of music.