Thursday, July 17, 2008

keeping our cool

My monkeys decided to cool off with water balloons last night. It was hot, and they needed to burn off some excess energy, so I was all for it.

Sometimes the balloons don't actually get tied before someone gets soaked. In fact, this is usually the case.
It's 90 degrees and Evan feels the need to wear a water shirt. Okay then.
Em is diligently filling balloons, so as to attack her brother with a large arsenal.
She thinks this is a scary photo. I like it. She is also sitting here watching my every move.
I love summer.
Here's a shot of my back yard, looking green & lush. Everything is thriving. Except me. It's too hot to thrive.
Today isn't much better. I am only stepping outside if I absolutely have to. I'm sitting in front of a fan in the air conditioning and still sweating. Even the dog can't muster much energy. I am muy grateful for central air right now. Peace out!

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