Monday, August 4, 2008

a day late & a dollar short

That just happens to be one of the cliches that best suits me.
I try to be organized and on the ball, but somehow something always sneaks up on me and I'm thrown for a loop.
Today it was soccer practice. I have known for 2 weeks that today was the first practice. Wrote it on the calendar, arranged our schedule for it to fit in. Make dinner, hustle to practice..only to find that today's practice was from 4:00-5:30, not 6:30-8:00.
I even wrote it correctly on the calendar, but for some reason 6:30-8:00 was engraved on my brain stem and that was it. In the scheme of things it's not that big a deal; it's one practice. But it's one of only two practices with a new team before our first tournament. So I'm sure Ev is in for some torture on Wednesday, poor kid.
Even when I try to get a jump on things, it ususally backfires on me. At our team get together the other night I participated in a convo where 75% of the parents were backing out of our required 2 day stay in Saginaw, to make their own plans. So I cancel our reservations, book something else for us for Saturday only in Birch Run. I'm all happy.
They changed their minds. They're all staying the 2 days. ARGH! Phooey.

And because I love a challenge (i.e. forgot to shop for a birthday gift)
I am going to furiously knock out another pair of monkey socks for my Aunt Ro whose birthday
is the 26th but we are celebrating it on Sunday. The 10th. As in, 6 days from today.
I am going to use this lovely skein of yarn, and they are going to fabu-less.
I love making socks for her because she actually wears them. Good for the knitter's self confidence.
Happy Monday! Happy August!

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