Monday, August 18, 2008

just a quickie

...and then I'm off to the beach.
We made it in last night around midnight. It was the longest day ever, but so totally worth it.
Evan's team won the tournament
in some of the most exciting soccer I have ever watched.
they tied their third game against a really good team we had lost to in Saginaw. We played them again a few hours later in the final match. We tied 5-5, and our team won in overtime. It was beyond thrilling. It was spectacular!
We didn't get on the road until almost 6:00, and of course stopped eleventy two times along the way, but we are here in Glen Arbor, enjoying the beautiful view of Lake Michigan and the sand between our toes.
I'll post some pix later!


SAR girls said...

YAY for winning!
YAY for sand between your toes!

knitting elephant said...

Take it as easy as possible before school starts! Yay Evan!

Kelley said...

Congrats to EVAN!!! that is AWESOME! enjoy your vacation we are on a small one as well. loving every moment that summer still has to offer.