Wednesday, August 20, 2008

another day in paradise

beach girl, originally uploaded by dogglips2.

I have been wanting to post some vacation pix but have been hampered by a few factors...A ) the high-speed internet isn't so high speed. I think it's on vacation time and B) I was downloading a movie for the kids last night and it took 12+ hours to load and then C) I have been really tired at night; too tired to hold an intelligent conversation.
So there you have it!
Our stay has been wonderful so far. I would highly recommend the area to anyone looking for a little peace and quiet. The small town is nice, with many little totem stores, a well stocked market, and even a yarn store! YES, a yarn store. It's tiny, and carries a lot of funky yarn, but the proprietor is as sweet as pie! We've gone to about half the stores, but it's been hard to tear the kids away from the beach.
We are staying at the Homestead Beach Resort, but are so far away from the resort part it's like being alone on the beach. The kids have spent hour upon hour occupying themselves by digging holes in the sand. It's very restful.
I have slept better here in two nights than I have in a month at home. And the nights have been so lovely and cool, 'August' temps haven't been a concern at all.
We went to the dunes today and climbed to the top. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Obviously I am waaaaay out of shape.
We're headed off to dinner. I'll try later to post more pix. Maybe.


knitting elephant said...

So happy to hear you're relaxing and enjoying yourself, even with the slow high-speed internet! :-)

SAR girls said...

I cant believe how much Em looks like you in that beach photo! :) I love the Homestead! Rent a kayak and go paddle in the lake-its grand fun! :)