Sunday, August 31, 2008

what a lovely bunch of tomatoes

it took long enough, but our tomatoes are finally starting to come in, and they are beauts!
I bought 4 varieties of heirloom tomatoes this year, but 2 of the plants aren't doing much. I believe this one is trying to make up for it.
If my little marker is to be trusted, this is 'Rose'. We have 2 different plants on each cage, and the vines are intertwined. Makes it kind of hard to tell which is which.

As you can see, the fruit is huge. Bigger than my fist. Emma is holding up a quarter to show scale. There are about 40 tomats in various stages of ripening. They smell good. They taste great. And they continue to grow.
These are 'San Marzano'. Kinf of funny shaped, reminiscent of Roma tomatoes. Tasty as well. Don't know that I will go the heirloom route next year...I was expecting to much more wowed than I am by them so far. Plus I would like to try and grow some lettuces and beans, maybe a cuke or two. I see a whole plot in my future!
Enjoy the beautiful weekend!


sue said...

Ooh they are differently shaped tomatoes. Romas are one of my favourites too.

Julie L said...

those tomatoes look so purty... you really are becoming a Martha-