Thursday, February 12, 2009

you've got mail!

I participated in a  Valentine's Day swap on Ravelry with a woman named Kate, who happens to live in Norway. It's the best kind of swap-no knitting involved! Only shopping. I know, what a shame!
I sent her 2 different yarns, 2 sock patterns she had requested, a knit journal that I made, and some Starbux chocolates.
This is what I got in return...
three different yarns, all Norwegian, 2 patterns, some cappuccino packets, and little gelli people. They are delish. I can't wait to cast on for the socks soon!
Thanks Kate! I love swapping :)


Brooke S. Rochon said...

I love getting fun mail. Although lately, not so fun. Looks like you'll be having a good time for a while.

SAR girls said...

You get in on the best swaps, myfriend!