Monday, February 9, 2009

FO-Evan's Retrofit

This sweater is my second attempt at one for my little man. Above everyone else, he asks for handknits. The first sweater was a pullover that we both loved. Sadly, the melon was too big to fit thru the collar. I made a men's small size, and it should have fit but didn't. I learned an important lesson- no pullovers for large headed boys.
This pattern is called Retrofit, and I like it because it so basic. You can combine any number of colors to get a customized look. I chose these two because I figured they would match a lot of different things. He likes them, because they are Ohio State colors. Whatever works!
The length is a tad long, but mostly because he is slouching a bit. Wearing handknits? All for it. Photographing handknits? Not so much.
I also want him to be able to wear it for awhile. He is a growing boy.
I made this as a Christmas gift, I'm embarrased to admit. The sweater was knit, blocked, & seamed on time. I was hung up on the zipper. I have never sewed a zipper into a handknit before and I was scared to death. After watching a few tutorals, I sucked it up and just plowed thru it. It turned out to be a lot easier than I had originally thought. My zip was about 2" too long, and I was terrified to cut it, but I did. I backstitched the zipper first, and then went back and sewed each side securely a second time. It has to withstand Evan, afterall.
Doesn't he look handsome??


Jen on the Edge said...

A gorgeous sweater for a handsome boy!

knitting elephant said...

Wow! I love the sweater, and he does indeed look very handsome. Nice work!

Spooky said...

He's so cute (I know they don't like to hear that but still...he's cute!).

Great job on the sweater. It looks amazing.

SAR girls said...

Turned out great! :)