Friday, February 6, 2009

the domestic diva strikes again

Tonight is my first shot at hosting Bunco at my house, and I have been cleaning chez Treiber all week. Bart called the other day and asked what I was doing. Me: "I'm washing walls." Him: "Who are you and what have you done with my wife?"
Hardee har har.
It's not that I don't clean's seems like I am always cleaning house. But it's definitely more of the 'pick up everyone's shit and throw it into their rooms, fold blankets, laundry, groceries, vaccuum, laundry, clean the kitchen, vaccuum' variety. I don't deep clean. Well, not on a regular basis. This week I have wiped baseboards, cleaned bathroom, vaccuumed the furniture, washed rugs, bathed the dog, baked cupcakes, washed windows (inside. It's cold out there!), baked cookies, washed walls & cleaned the stovetop.

I've had some good motivation this week- they all have nicer homes than me!

Don't get me wrong- I don't need a pity party or anything. I love my house. My house is warm and kid friendly and you won't find a single white carpet anywhere. It is unfussy. It suits me perfectly. And yet, I feel a little embarrased when people I don't know come over. Embarrased isn't even the word...way too strong. I feel like the kid at school who wears the knockoffs while the cooler kids all are wearing designer.
Bart does a fantastic job of remodeling and redoing, but my house was built 40 years ago and there are parts that look it! Our kitchen badly needs remodeling...we have  old dark cabinets and I hate them. Unfortunately we can't afford to have the whole thing redone...he does it bits at a time. Which is just fine, really. I'm happy for any work he does. But a new kitchen sure would be awesome! And front doors. And repainting the family room.
I do a mean garden party, but sadly it is too cold and snowy outside for that!
I also do homemade, hence the baking. Many of these women work and don't have time to bake cookies, so that is going to be my specialty.
And when everyone has been here for an hour and we're all laughing and chatting and having a good time, I can relax and stop feeling so self conscious and enjoy my party.

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Benita said...

Hope you had fun playing Bunco. I've never played that before, but have wanted to.