Saturday, February 28, 2009

I heart Facebook

I resisted the allure of Facebook for two years. A few times a week, an invitation to join would pop up and I would scoff, and delete it. I don't need to sign up for one more thing. One more username and password to remember. One more place to upload stuff too. I was not going to get sucked into spending even more time online.
I was wrong.
Facebook is awesome!
In the few weeks since I joined, I have been in contact with close friends I haven't talked to recently. I have reconnected with some people from high school. I have found a bunch of friends from Border's. And even cooler...I have found some family.
Growing up with divorced parents, you lose contact with members of your extended family. It happens. And I was always curious about the few cousins that I had, and what happened to them. This past week, I got some answers, from Facebook.
It's a slow going process, getting to know people  that you have abond with but no relationship. It will be interesting to learn about their childhoods, their families.
It's a cool thing.
Oh yeah, the picture above is on my fifth birthday. I am holding my cousin Cynthia. The towhead is my brother, and that's my Grandma watching over us.


KelleyBPopp said...

Yep it's the coolest thing I've found on the pc to date. I love that I have found not only family from near and far (Italy) but some of my old roomies from college that had totally fell off my radar and I always wondered where they were... Glad you finally gave in. It's a great way to stay connect to those you don't see enough of.

sue said...

I just joined up last week too. It is great isnt it.

knitting elephant said...

Glad you're having fun with it! I'm still in the scoff and delete phase. ;-)

SAR girls said...

Im getting to like FM more and more, maybe you can explain "flair" to me!