Sunday, February 15, 2009

FO-Emma's bitchin' socks

Neither of these pix really shows off the color of the socks, but oh well!
These socks were made with 2 different colors of yarn held together, worked one stitch at a time. This is an awesome technique for really loud colored yarn, as this is. And the bonus is that there is plenty of yarn leftover...hopfully enough for another pair of socks.
This is a particularly lovely shot; covered in dog hair! Really, I vaccuum all the time!
This is a good shot of the pattern but the color isn't great. C'est la vie!

Evan had a kick ass soccer game today. He played goalie for more than half, and played all but 6 minutes of the entire game. They ended up in a tie, but far outplayed the other team, (who are a year older). He was a rock star.
Happy Sunday!


knitting elephant said...

Very cool socks! Congrats to Evan!

SAR girls said...

Those socks are pure outrageousness!! :)

Julie L said...

I love them, Sue! So very very cool!