Tuesday, February 17, 2009

don't hate me because they are beautiful

It's three days after Valentine's Day, which means that all traces of it have been removed from the stores in order to make way for the Easter candy.
When I was a kid, Easter was one of my favorite holidays because not only did I usually get a pretty new dress, that's when all the best candy was out. Of course now you can get Peeps, jellybeans, Cadbury eggs & just about anything else year round. Back then, you had to wait until spring to get your hands on a delicious fluffy marshmallow peep. And they only came in one color. One shape, too. (that would be yellow & chick)
As I was trolling thru the grocery store today I came across a huge display of Peeps; every pastel color you can imagine and three shapes! Don't fancy a yellow chick? Not a problem. Have a purple bunny! Or an orange cream egg!
As luck would have it, Emma & Evan aren't fond of Peeps. I thought I was raising them right, I don't know quite how it happened. The Peeps are mine alone.
Now excuse me while I release them from their plastic wrap so that I may enjoy them as God intended...


Jen on the Edge said...

I can't tell you how much I love Easter. I always have SO MUCH FUN filling the girls' baskets. I'm already anticipating it this year ... because, you know, I have NOTHING else going on right now. :-)

SAR girls said...

I gotta side with the good taste of your kiddos on this one, my friend! LOL! Enjoy them, though!

Spooky said...

ITA! My oldest son got me hooked on stale peeps.

Slightly off topic - walking to class today I happened to notice out of the corner of my eye a yellow peep impaled on the nose of one of those distinguished gentleman bronze statues. Gotta love college students.