Wednesday, February 11, 2009

wednesday blahs

It's a gloomy, dreary, rainy day in the 'burbs.
Not that it's a bad thing...all of our snow has melted except for a 3"x  1" patch in the back yard. This time last week I was despairing that winter would never be over , and now I am looking at my fish swimming around in their little pond, going 'what's up!'
So maybe spring isn't too far away. And that's something to be happy about!

I have been feeling out of sorts and generally like crap for the last few weeks and I think I finally figured out why! Around Christmas, I stopped taking the anti-depressant I had been on for almost 5 years. It wasn't even really a conscious decision...I was forgetting doses more often than I was remembering them. My script was about to run out, and I didn't feel like trying to make an appointment with my doctor (whom I have mentioned before is becoming nearly impossible to get an appointment with). So I stopped. No biggie.
And then I started to notice that I was feeling 'different'. I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat. I can sleep forever and not ever feel rested. To top it off, i thought I had a sinus infection because I was getting dizzy spells, and I have had that happen before.

I did some research today on the web and found these to be side effects of meds withdrawl. Fabulous! Here I am, thinking I am doing something positive for myself, and it turns out that I'm not!
I put in a call to my Dr. a little while ago, and he (supposedly) will get back to me. I hope he can tell me something to do to get rid of these side effects. Everyone enjoys a little nap, but it's getting to be ridiculous. Not to mention that I probably shouldn't be driving when I am dizzy, which is more often than not.
No blond jokes necessary!


Stacy said...

Been there with those very same withdrawls...they suck...but they DO go away. Slowly. Hang in there!

Benita said...

Girl, you're supposed to slowly wean yourself off of those! I hope your doctor gets ahold of you soon!

Ronnica said...

Oh girl, I know all ABOUT med withdrawals. Unfortunately, it comes with the territory of what I have... I feel better, so I stop popping the pills even though I know I really shouldn't. LOL

SAR girls said...

Hang in there!