Friday, February 13, 2009

oops I did it again

Martha Stewart has struck again.
Emma volunteered me to make cupcakes for her Advanced Resource class. Or buy them. But who is going to buy cupcakes when you have the cupcake Bible at hand?
The majority of the day yesterday was spent at the kitchen counter, measuring, stirring, baking, cooling, frosting, and washing.
There was much back & forth..I had the chocolate glazed in mind when I bought and set out ingredients. She wanted the yellow butter cupcakes, of which i also had the ingredients...except for one. Every f%$#ing time. I didn't even know there was a difference between cake flour and regular flour.
If I stocked all the ingredients she requires in her recipes I would need to build a new cabinet.
So here we have one bowl chocolate cupcakes:
These taste much better than they look. She needed 23 and the recipe makes 18 (NATURALLY!), so I had to double the recipe throwing me off even more. I didn't have regular cocoa powder, only dark, so the cakes are very very dark. I also ran out of semi sweet baking chocolate for the glaze, so I had to punt. After baking three batches because I only have one cupcake pan (21+ minutes per batch), I was sick to damn death of baking stupid cupcakes. The rest of the batter in is the fridge to bake new week. Screw it.
The things we do for our loved ones.

my mini-me sous-chef.

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Kelley said...

looks tres yummy!