Saturday, February 21, 2009

the definition of spoiled

How spoiled is this old dog?
This old baby blanket made it's way into the family room a few days ago and Bart has taken to covering Bud up at night. And he will stay just like that, until we go to bed and he goes in search of some furniture he's not suppposed to be on. Ridiculous.
He has a big fluffy dog bed, but this has been his bed of choice lately. It's a fleece cushion, stuffed with shredded paper and made by Emma. For the cat. Buddy loves it, even though he is more off than on. In the meantime, Ben sleeps in the dog bed. Naturally.
He has me home almost all day every day. He follows me everywhere. I know what he wants almost the second he wants it. I can interpret a look or a whine, like I'm finishing his sentences. Unless I have no clue what he wants, and that's because he doesn't know what he wants.
He is so funny and has such a funny personality. Crazy dog.
Yes, he is spoiled. But so am I.


SAR girls said...

I think I need a clone of Buddy! :)

Spooky said...



So danged cute Sue!

Benita said...

Awww, what a cute puppy!