Wednesday, December 31, 2008

closing out 2008

I didn't do a traditional Christmas post this year, what with the traveling to Vegas and what not. I also didn't take many pix, or blog much...I just was present in the moment and absorbed it all in. Besides, exactly how many pictures of the top of the kids' heads opening gifts do I need?
Holiday in review-
my neice Isabelle reluctantly wearing the hat I knit for her.
I had better luck with Emma & Olivia. I give up on the perfect picture in my mind of the five of them wearing their hats. Not gonna happen.
Em & Bart. Yes, she is wearing a bathing suit. We were getting ready to hot tub.
Em & Ev putting together their icoaster. It's a magnetic marble track that you can hook up to an MP3 player. Very cool.
Mom & Ev taking a reading break. Not content to sit near me, he has to sit on me.
woo-hoo...we got iPod Nanos!!!!
our tree, before the presents were attacked.
Christmas morn
Ev & Grammy Sandy
Bart, Emma & Uncle Greg on Christmas Eve.

I really was lazy as  far as pictures go. And you don't notice it until after the moment is gone for good, and you can't get it back. I meant to get many more people pix, but I didn't.
The kids got a ton of great gifts (big surprise there) even though everyone is scaling back.
They both totally dig their iPods and spend every waking moment with them in their ears. Evan has a slew of new Wii games that he has been playing non-stop. Bart's been working on some home projects that he's wanted to get to for awhile, & I have been reading, knitting, & sleeping in. well, I have also been doing constant laundry, picking up after kids, & cleaning the kitchen but those things aren't fun to talk about! I'm counting the days until school starts again.
Happy New Year to everyone!!!!!


knitting elephant said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas celebration! If you can believe it, I didn't take a single picture this year! Happy New Year!

Brooke S. Rochon said...

You have some lucky kids and they look like they really made out well. LOVE your tree and the wrapped present on the wall, tres funky. Honestly, Cohen is such a chill baby so far. He really sleeps most the time at the moment and Matt is super helpful so, it's been really easy. It's Stella who's given us trouble, but not that bad, just needy you know.

SAR girls said...

Happy New Year, my friend! :)
Cant wait to knit & sip in 2009!