Monday, December 29, 2008


So when I last left off, I was spending the day with my friend Jan, running Evan to soccer practice, dropping the kids off @ Gram's house, and planning on having a nice, quiet dinner with my husband for our anniversary.

That's when things got crazy!

To make a long, involved story (somewhat) shorter, we didn't go to where we had originally planned to go...instead we went to Buca Di Beppo's... where our entire family was waiting to have dinner with us. Surprise! I was truly surprised, as evidenced by my big gaping maw and the fact that I couldn't put together a coherent entence. "When did you...?" "How did the..." "Where did the kids..." Bart had everything planned out to the smallest detail (except for the fact that the restaurant was NOT crowded and they crammed a party of 14 people into a space that would comfortably hold 10, but let's not go there...) We had a fantastic meal and lots of laughs and good conversation and wine and tiramisu. Then it was gift time!
I open a package that contains a booklet and a flashing Vegas card. It says we are leaving for Vegas first thing in the morning and that every detail has been planned for us to stay for 4 days. 4 days. Right before Christmas. Needless to say, I pretty much lost my shit right there. Who plans to leave home for 4 days before a big holiday? Bart does, that's who!
The kids were staying at my dad's, the dog was staying at the in-laws, pack your bags and we leave bright and early.
Except for the biggest snowstorm we've had in Michigan in years.
It didn't delay us too much, but it did throw a wrench in the plans. School was cancelled. Driving was terrible. They didn't delay the flight so we still had to be at the terminal at the same time. I'm sure you won't be surprised if I told you we did not leave on time. They lie.
But we made it there, 2 days after they had their first snowstorm in 30 years. Snow in Vegas!

I could write for hours and hours about all the things we saw and did, but instead I will give you a few of the highlights and some pix.
New York, New York, our first night of exploring. It was awesome.
Having cocktails on 'island time' @ Tommy Bahama's cafe. We had a wonderful dinner there and did some shopping in a super cool outdoor mall. I had a mojito. Or two. Check out all the rum up above the bar. I was in heaven.
shooting down the strip from a crosswalk. Some of the images are reversed, because they were actually reflected in the glass behind my head. The evenings were beautiful.
fancy tree @ the Town Square shopping mall. There was the cutest little Norman Rockwell Santa hit, with families lined up for pictures. I wished E & E were there!
hey, it's Elvis! I knew he wasn't dead.
palm tree, Christmas tree. It never gets old! If you look closely, you can see some snow in the background.
the Monte Carlo, our hotel. It's holding up pretty well. Not the fanciest, not the cheapest. Almost right in the middle of everywhere we wanted to go. Also the home of the AADA (American Association of Dodgeball of America). Damn I love that movie.
here we are on a gondola ride in fake Venice with our very authentic Italian gondolier. He sang us songs and talked to us for a long while. It was dreamy. And less smelly than the real thing!
The Bellagio's famous fountains. You could sit there and watch them all day. Wonderful.
And lastly, here I am, a big winner @ slots. I won $19.19 on the Sopranos machine. we spent $20, so we came out even. Note to self: lose 25 lbs. ASAP.
We saw 2 shows while there-Jersey Boys and Mystere. Both were stunning and awesome and cool beyond belief. If you ever get a chance tos ee either show, do it!
We walked and ate and walked and rode the duece and walked and shopped and eat and shopped and napped and shopped and walked. It was exhausting.
We came home on Monday night and basically had one day to finish all the Christmas prep I thought i would have 5 days for. I didn't finish everything I wanted to do, but It was worth it.
Happy 15 th to my sweetie!


Kelley Popp said...

wow what a great surprise for you! Congrats on 15 years.

knitting elephant said...

Congrats! Looks like it was WONDERFUL and really enjoyable! Happy New Year!!

SAR girls said...

Ha! I knew that Bartie was up to something! :) Sounds like major league fun! Happy 15th, my friend!

Brooke S. Rochon said...

What a sweet and fun husband you have. How cool!

ashley said...

OMG! How fun! I love Vegas! What a fun surprise!