Monday, December 8, 2008

Baby, it's cold inside

Today was a swell day! We spent the afternoon downtown, watching the Nutcracker Ballet and having lunch at a Cuban restaurant. See, Detroit doesn't totally suck; we do have a few redeeming qualities.
Bart won tickets a while back to the Opera House, and the only thing I could bear watching is the Nutcracker (not a  BIG opera fan).  He was able to get additional tix for the rugrats, and for the family matinee today. Family matinee = many many kids. During the first act they were pretty quiet, but the game was up in the second act. Lots of fidgeting, wrinkling of treat bags, and question asking.
*complete change of topic here* I do feel the need to mention that the ballet was beautiful. Oh so beautiful. And I really wanted to love it, but ballet is a little how do i put this delicately... boring. BO-RING. Apparently there is not enough going on to keep my mind from focusing on the fact that there were lots of guys in tights with fabulous asses. And lewd jokes about nutcrackers. I wanted to lean over and whisper to the girl next to me "I wonder why they call this the NUTcracker ballet. Check out those tights". She was 6.
So I'm glad I went and please don't ever invite me to go again because I will gouge my eyes out with a dull spoon.
Here are a few crappy pix from the day. No enthusiasm here, either. They don't let you photograph any of the interesting stuff.
Ems and the reindeer they forced to greet the children. Don't they look like they are having fun?
Bart & the kids before the show. Trying oh so hard to not use the flash and failing.
this turkey won't even look at me. That's the last time I give birth to him!
Lunch was pretty great...we went to Vincente's cuban restaurant. Do not even think about ordering a sandwich of any kind on the weekend, because you will be SOL. We ended up with 3 different tapas, which were delish. I had a mojito. we even had dessert,a cake called tres leches. It may be the tastiest thing I ever ate.( I immediately looked up a recipe so I can make it.) Dessert and drinks at 2 pm? Now we're talkin'!
We came home to realize that it was cold. Evidently our furnace has stopped giving us the heat we require to NOT FREEZE OUR BUTTS OFF. We're all bundled up like eskimo. And the family is sleeping with the oven on. Watch for us on the news.

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Benita said...

Well that stinks about your furnace :( But it looks like you had a great time.