Tuesday, December 2, 2008

a surpise anniversary gift

My 15th wedding anniversary is in two weeks. Fifteen years. Every time I think about it, it just floors me.
We got married exactly one week before Christmas. Bart is a big Christmas geek, and it was the best time to go to have a decent length honeymoon. I can attest that Christmas weddings are beautiful and have their own brand of magic surrounding them.
Since we were going to be gone over the holidays, I did two things for Bart so he wouldn't miss out on having a Christmas tree. The first was to take pictures of our favorite ornaments, trim them out, and tape them to the wall ( in Florida, at the condo) in the shape of a tree. Cheesy, but effective. It reminded us of home.
The second was to sponser a tree in Kellogg Park in Plymouth, right next door and in view of the Mayflower Meeting House, where our reception was held. Bart's sister Tracey helped me decorate the tree in the driving, cold rain. We even got our pictures in the paper, decorating our stealth tree. It was beautiful and surprising and the next best thing to our own tree.
Bart had them move the tree into the lobby at our reception.
Last weekend he took the kids to his parents house to finish leaf clean-up and shop for toilets (two activities which he knew I'd have no interest in). In actuality, he took the kids, and Tracey & Greg, and spent the afternoon decorating my tree. Not only did he do that, but the previous weekend he took Emma shopping for all the ornaments & decorations. At JoAnn's. He deserves a medal.
the tree is covered with crystal & silver ornaments and family photos. Many photos that I hadn't seen in a very long time! And orchids. Beautiful white orchids.
I don't think anyone was more excited than Emma. She was bursting trying to keep the secret! I love that the marquee behind them says "It's a Wonderful Life"
I'm not as annoyed as I look-it was snowing heavily and I was squinting to keep the flakes out of my eyes.(also why we are here 2 weeks early, before the snow ruins the decorations.) I was way too puffy in my sweatshirt and jacket. And look, yet another person who doesn't know how to spell our last name!!!!
Awww, we haven't changed. I almost said that with a straight face!
Isn't he just the sweetest? I love that he included the kids and Tracey again. If you get a chance to stop by, the tree will be up until the end of December. Make sure to look for it!
Happy Anniversary Bart!!


Erica said...

Awwww, how sweet is that? What a great story :) Happy (early) anniversary!

knitting elephant said...

Congratulations on a great accomplishment in this day and age! Bart did awesome and really seems to have taken the time to do it right--just for you!

ashley said...

Congratulations! That is so dang sweet. :)

Benita said...

That is so sweet! I love the tree! And you're right, you haven't changed :) Happy Anniversary to you & your dh. My dh & I will be celebrating 19 years on Christmas Eve :)

Julie l said...

Awe... Happy Anniversary!

Kelley said...

Happy Anniversary-he's a keeper! Don't know to many guys who are that thoughtful!

SAR girls said...

Does Bart give lessons? ;)

Happy Anniversary!!