Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'll take two, please

The season for giving is upon us! Let me share with you some of fun gift ideas I have found while browsing the web. You can thank me later!

This one is called 'The Wine Rack'. You can store a bottle of wine in your bra. Courtesy of  Baron Bob
who wouldn't want this lovely calendar? For Grandma, maybe? I forgot where this gem came from.
my personal favorite, the Banana Bunker. Fruit protection and porn. Get it at MoMa!
for your favorite hunter, here's Jingle Boobs. Singing, dancing boobs. Yep. At Baron Bob.
this? this is just weird. order yours at
a bubble wrap calendar, for those poor souls who need stress relief. At Hipster gifts.
for the fashionista, a genuine armadillo purse! Well, the next best thing, anyway! At seven deals.

quite possibly the funniest gift ever? for the animal lover, find it at Archie McPhee!
for the wine enthuiast in your life, prank place offers a wine glass that holds an entire bottle! For those occasions where you don't want to wear the aformentioned wine rack.

I'm sure to find many more things in the weeks to come. Make sure to order in plenty of time for Christmas!!


Benita said... thinks you have too much time on your hands ;) Where & how do you find these things???

Sharyn said...

I want to know what words your googling to come up with such things

knitting elephant said...

I'm loving all the suggestions... Not sure how the heck you're coming up with them, but thanks for sharing! :-)

Jen on the Edge said...

No question, Jingle Boobs is the worst.