Friday, December 5, 2008

FO-hurricane hat

Just a little quickie...a hat to match the sweater I showed a few weeks ago.
I love the color of this yarn, and since I used so little of it on the sweater, I knew I wanted to make an accent piece to match. And it gave me an excuse to buy the nifty pompom maker I had been eyeing at JoAnn's.

the color is better represented in the top photo. Stupid sunlight. Or lack of sunlight. This week has been particularly gloomy & overcast, Not good for taking flattering pix of kids or knits.

Tonight I'm going out to dinner with my Bunco friends. To an actual restaurant. To one that probably doesn't have a kids' menu. As much as I love the little darlings, I must admit to being excited to have a meal and not worry about what they are eating (or not eating) and answering Evan's endless questions.
Have a good weekend!


knitting elephant said...

I love the little hat! In fact, I love the whole ensemble! Enjoy your kidless dinner a bit more, just for me, would you?!

kelley said...

wow you play bunco my mom used to do that when i was kid. how fun.