Saturday, December 13, 2008

there's a new girl in town

Meet Pepper, the new addition to our family! She came to live with us on Monday. Bart will be driving her until April, and then she will replace the H3 and be the new PPRDIVA.
(That is the plan anyway. If GM goes bankrupt and Bart loses his job, or if they take back the company cars, then Pepper will probably move on and we start from scratch. But we are hoping that none of these will ever happen)
she's a bright chili pepper red, hence the name. Emma names everything, and Pepper seemed to fit. She's a peppy little thing. Tan leather interior, heated seats. I can plug my iPod into the dash. All good things.

SO the countdown is officially on...the H3's days are numbered. Bummer. For as much as I don't really care about what I drive, I really love that stupid Hummer.
Have a great Saturday!

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SAR girls said...

She is a beauty! :)

Great name, Emma-fits perfectly.