Sunday, January 4, 2009

FO-Dad's Dumbledore socks & Bart's Christmas hat

You know that commercial where the Dad is skipping through the store, throwing school supplies into the shopping cart, while the kids walk 10 paces behind with their heads hung low as "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" plays over the loudspeaker?
That's how I feel today.
I love my family. We had a very nice holiday and lots of quality time together, but it's time for everyone to go back to their respective duties. Me included.
Happy 2009! May it be better than 2008, or at least not worse.
(how's that for a ringing endorsement?)
And now I have a few FO's from the holiday that I never got around to posting...
Dad's Dumbledore socks! The minute I heard that Opal was coming out with a line of Harry Potter inspired sock yarns, I knew I would have to make some. My Dad is a huge HP fan, and I hadn't made anything specifically for him yet, so he was the lucky recipient!
They are a basic 2x2 rib sock. I kept the pattern simple becasue the yarn is so colorful.

And this didn't quite get finished in time for Christmas, what with all the 'whisking away to Vegas' that happened, so it was more like the week after. No worries! Evan got duplicate Speed Racer hats and Bart has claimed one for himself. Men.
This is the lacunae hat pattern from Knitspot made in a very nice tweedy and soft yarn. I can see now that it's done where I made a few mistakes, but they are of the 'no one but I will notice them' variety. Next time I make this hat I will slow down and make it perfecto.
I hope you are all enjoying the winter break and the New Year!


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Stacy said...

beautiful, as always! You are so talented!!

Brooke S. Rochon said...

I'm with you. I love Stella, but I think she still has some school learnin' to attend to. :) Bee-utiful knitting as per usual!

knitting elephant said...

Gorgeous work--again! I can hardly contain my excitement over school being back in session tomorrow!! :-)

Jen on the Edge said...

Love those socks! LOVE.

womens slouch socks said...

The most interesting part of the post is your eyes. So alive one.