Thursday, January 29, 2009

the dangers of home improvement

Bart had a little surgical procedure done this morning. We had to be at Beaumont by 6:30 am, which in general is just no fun. He is doing well, and resting.
Let's flash back to late 2007/early 2008........
We were down in the basement for one reason or another when he noticed that a few of the ceiling tiles were askew. They were really crappy to begin with, so we try to not add to the crappyness by having them hang out, or have balls thrown at them by children (and when I say children, I generally mean Evan).
Bart was fixing the tiles when he felt something fall into his eye. It hurt like a mother, but I couldn't see anything in there. He flushed it and moved on.
His eye began to get increasingly watery since that time. He wouldn't even know it was watering until he felt tears on his cheek. He finally went to the dr (or I should say a fellow dr in the practice. Our dr is becoming increasingly harder to see) who said he had pink eye and gave him drops. Didn't help. Went to an optometrist. Not pink eye, but we don;t knnow what it is. Take some drops. Went to an opthmologist, and a specialist, and finally determined that his duct was blocked and he was going to require surgery to open it.
Flash back to today. The surgeon opened the duct and created a new hole as well. And lo and behold-there was a large foreign body in the duct!
So today's lesson is wear safety goggles or they will need to drill a hole thru your nose.


Brooke S. Rochon said...

Oh god, anything eye or teeth related is definitely a pain in the butt. Glad he had it all sorted out.

Kelley Popp said...

oui-glad that it wasn't more serious but scary all the same! Healing thoughts to Bart.