Saturday, January 17, 2009

I got the fever

Cabin fever, that is.
Three days of frigid temps. Add in home-from-school kids & 6 more inches of snow today and you get one family who is getting a little sick of each other. At least I have Fat Squirrel for entertainment!
We have 2 rather portly squirrels that hang out in our yard to toment the dog daily. But on the squirrel 'cool' scale, they are at the very bottom. My Dad has ninja squirrels at his house, while mine won't even attempt to get at the birdfeeder. They are fat & lazy.
During today's snowstorm, FS decided to go way out on a investigate the windsock? we'll ever know. Here's a close-up of him-
At this point the branch is waving madly from his girth and he'd probably be safer to just bail, but he hangs on for dear life. Little did he know that Emma & I were laughing hysterically at him and waiting for him to fall headfirst into the Santa windsock.
That would have rocked!
Bart spotted this huge hawk in the tree behind our house. Literally paces away from where Buddy pooops on a daily basis. I have never seen such a large bird in our yard before. He may hang out there often, for all I know, waiting to pick off FS.
Now it's dark, and the entertainment has left for the day. I can only hope for a rogue possum or raccoon to liven up the night!


sue said...

Oh what a portly squirrel he is weighing down the branch like that. Perhaps he ate a lot before the snowfalls hit and by summer he may be a lot thinner. How entertaining though to have those animals in your backyard, we dont really have any of those kinds.

Kache said...

Holy crap on the scary out for the pets!

Fatsquirrel is awesome though.