Monday, January 5, 2009

WIP's- Clapotis & Cindy's skinny la Novia

It's officially the new's Monday and the kids are in school. All is right with the world. Evan was actively begging not to go to school today, which is funny because he is not that kid. I, being the sympathetic parent that I am, told him to get his back-pack and suck it up.

I am empathetic to your plight, but not enough to let you stay home after 18 days of being home. Too bad, so sad.

It wasn't all party time this morning; I also had to go to the dentist, which ranks in my top five things I hate to do the most. Since my last cleaning (which was embarrasingly long ago) they have come up with new implements of torture! They use a tool to measure the pockets between your teeth and gums (I didn't do well, I'm afraid...) and she cleaned my teeth with a water pik, which was only slightly less annoying than a drill. I need to get a crown, and she suggested that I have a few of my fillings replaced. That sounds like a great time! Maybe I'll schedule it for my birthday.
And now on to some WIP's. I have many more than 2, but these are the 2 I am actively working on.
This is a long & skinny la Novia scarf for my Aunt Cindy. I am using Ultra Alpaca, and it is soft and warm. I figure I'm about halfway done...she wants it really long. The pattern is beautiful and I really enjoy it.

Here's a close-up of the texture. It's nummy. The color is very deep brown; deeper than in the photos.
This is my first ever Clapotis- a scarf knit on a diagonal. I am doing a KAL on Ravelry that started Jan. 1st. I am only working on it a little at a's not a priority right now since it's just for me, but having the group for encouragement and to answer questions is priceless.
I'm using my very first skein of Wollmeise in Indisch Rot. The color is too gorgeous to be believed. It's hard to photograph, it looks different in each shot. It's definitely more red than in this close-up. I love the feel of this yarn and am starting to see what all the fuss is about.
Check out my new needles- they are glass! I got a duplicate ball winder for Christmas, and I exchanged it for these lovely needles in a size 5. I figured a special project called for special needles. They are so smooth and make a satisfying click as I work.
Happy Monday!!


knitting elephant said...

Love your sentiments for the kiddos... Mine was similar today, only it was followed by some cheering and lots of smiles (mine!!)

I love the texture on that scarf and always love the Clap, especially in Wollmeise! Happy New Year!!

sue said...

The dentist never seems like much fun does it. Your scarf for your auntie looks beautiful. Those glass needles look wonderful and sound wonderful to knit with.

SAR girls said...

My friend, those glass needles are all that & more! I cant wait to hear the "click" they make! The Wollmeise (said in my best German accent) looks yummy and that scraf is outrageous!

Kache said...

Ok I realize I haven't been up on the blog stuff lately, but I read the title and thought I was on a different planet :)

You've been making purty stuff.

womens socks said...

I must say that you have a good choice of color for your wool.