Sunday, January 25, 2009

the halftime show

Haven't blogged in a long time. I've been in a funk and everytime I wrote out a post I felt self indulgent and whiny so I decided to keep it to myself and get the hell over it! I'm going to chalk it up to tween drama-PMS-frickin' cold weather-kids that are on my last nerve-too much togetherness-and lack of anything getting accomplishedness.
So on that note...
Evan got to do something really cool today! He played during the halftime of the Detroit Ignition at Compuware. (I don't know that much about them, but they play extreme soccer). It was only a 7 minute game, but he was seen by hundreds of people and he got to run. A lot.

These are the best pix I have..action shots, you know. Ev didn't actually score any goals, but his team scored 2 and he assisted in setting them both up. It was good.
I'll be more talkative this week, I promise.
happy Sunday!


Benita said...

How cool! Congrats Evan!

Kache said...

I bet he'll remember that forevah!

knitting elephant said...

I completely understand your post opening statements! What an awesome experience for Evan! Great pics, too.