Monday, November 24, 2008

Twilight love

I realized that I forgot to talk about the biggest event of the weekend-our trip to see Twilight.
I'm not going to go through every detail of the movie...there are plenty of places to look up reviews and opinions, but I did want to mention a few of the things that stood out to me.

On the pro side
-The movie is a pretty accurate retelling of the book. Of course some things are left out, or the movie would be 10 hours long. I wasn't disappointed by the content.
-the casting is pretty good.
-the action sequences were satisfying, especially the baseball scene.

And the cons:
-at times the white make-up was just over the top. The entire movie had a desaturated look, and I'm sure they could have desaturated the skin tone instead of having the actors wear obvious white make-up. The character of Carlisle Cullen was the worst. At times it looked like it was cracking around his eyes.
-I know the vampires are supposed to be beautiful and porcelin skinned (it's mentioned about 8,465 times in the series), and Edward's stubble was completely distracting to me. And his obvious contact lenses. Bad bad bad. Don't get me started on the hair.
-the 'brilliant sparkle' of their skin in sunlight? Not so much. It was pathetic.
-for a little town of 3,000 people, Forks is awfully racially diverse. For every white person, there is an asian, an african-american, an indian. It's ridiculous. In the books the characters are either vampires, werewolves, or humans. That's it. And they were all way too hip for small town USA.

Overall, I was very pleased with the movie. Going to the theater with 4 pre-teen girls was a funny experience. I spent almost as much time watching them whisper and giggle as I did the movie. The funniest part was the two pre-teen boys sitting at the end of our aisle. Several times when the movie was very quiet, they let out huge belches and the girls would laugh and laugh and laugh. Boys.
If you liked the book, you'll like the flick.

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Emily said...

Oooh, I can't wait to see it!