Sunday, November 2, 2008

sick kid

I have a boy who is under the weather this weekend. Not really sure when or where he picked up the bug, but he's been throwing up & whatnot since yesterday. Running a low-grade fever. Poor kid hasn't even eaten any of his Halloween candy.
I am the very first to admit that I am lucky because my kids rarely get sick. Rarely. Like I can't remember the last time he got sick, sick. He may have been a toddler. And he took a nap yesterday, something esle he hasn't done in forever. That's how I know he's not faking. Well, that and the puking.

Have a nice & relaxing Sunday!

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knitting elephant said...

Poor guy. Our kids are the same, knock on wood. Generally healthy and rarely knocked down by a bug. Hope he's feeling better by now and that no one else in the house gets it!