Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween re-cap

we lucked out again and the weather was perfect for trick-or-treating,(which led me to tell the story of how we always had cold Halloweens and had to wear our coats as kids, which is true as far as I remember) It really was a gorgeous Indian summer day.
The pix are all out of order, because Blogger won't let you upload more than 5 at a time and I did them in batches. So imagine they are in the correct order.
Bart wearing Evan's hippie wig.
Emma 'strangling' Aunt Roberta with her glowing nails. I love this picture even though it's blurry.
My Spartan pumpkin...GO STATE!
our other pumpkin. They traveled to my Dad's house for trick-or-treating.
The hippie is ready to rock-n-roll.
Em & Ev waiting for the witching hour.
Face make-up is itchy!
Geisha girl Emma
checking out her 'do in the mirror. It took almost an entire can of spray to cover all the blond.
Evan in the school parade.
peace and love, baby. The moustache was totally the best part of the costume.
Probably my favorite picture, from the crooked moustache to the laid back look he's workin'.

We trick-or-treated in my Dad's sub; they live on a circular street with an inner and outer loop.Without hurrying, we walked them both in 35  minutes and got more than enough candy. A lot of the neighbors pass out full sized bars, plus then they get 99% of the leftovers from Grammy & Papa. We topped off the night by watching 'Poltergeist' (not my idea!) and leaving a passed out geisha asleep on the couch. to snitch some Reeses...


Kelley Popp said...

Great photos Sue. I got about 2 photos that my child would cooperate for! None worth sharing sigh.

knitting elephant said...

Love the costumes and pics...

sue said...

Great photos of your kids. I forgot to take my camera for Isabelle's but it was a last minute costume thrown together as werent going to do it and then decided too. Next year I will just be prepared for it.