Saturday, November 22, 2008

FO-baby sweater

I made this sweater for Olivia Fortner, the daughter of Evan's 4th grade teacher. I figured that instead of getting the same old teacher's gift for Christmas, I'd make something for her baby.
The pictures aren't great, but photographing white yarn never looks good.
I love these little clear toggle buttons I found!
This is the snowflake detail that I added to make it 'wintery'. I love the border/accent yarn color-it's called ocean breeze and is a light teal. Very pretty.
If I have a few extra hours, I want to make a matching hat. We'll see! I seem to come up with a 'must do' project every fifteen minutes :)
It's going to be a busy fun weekend...Evan has a game today and a game tomorrow; Emma's @ Christmas Crafts with the scouts and then off to a friend's house. She & I and a bunch of her friends are going to see Twilight this afternoon. CAN'T WAIT!


Erica said...

so, so pretty, Sue! I've been wanting to knit something with some cream yarn for Iz - definitely on my to do list (I love the contrast edging!)

ashley said...

That is so cute Sue!