Sunday, November 16, 2008


early afternoon, quiet Sunday
everyone is doing their individual things
the day is grey and chilled
when the first flakes appear
they swirl lightly at first
and then more urgently
silently we are engulfed
someone mentions the words 'snow day'
with great hope
my focus is no longer on my knitting
as I spy colorful birds
queing up to be next at the feeder
they are also enjoying the snow
and are hopping about
the day is no longer grey
but bright and filled with quiet peace.


Brooke S. Rochon said...

Very nice. Do I see some photoshopery???

knitting elephant said...

OMG all those birds in just one day? I'm super envious!

sue said...

I love all your photos of those birds. What an amazing site you must have out of your window. I think I am jealous!!!

Kelley said...

very pretty images.

Benita said...

Great pictures!