Friday, November 14, 2008

some assembly required

Indy legos, originally uploaded by dogglips2.

This is the sight around my house this week. Lots and lots of legos. Indy Jones legos (2 sets) and the coup de grace, scored by moi, Speed Racer legos. Not because they are rare, but because Evan didn't know they existed. And Speed is a big thing in our house.
We also have virtual legos in the form of the Indiana Jones lego video game for Wii. Good fun for 9 year old boys.
It's been a crummy week and I've been out of sorts the whole time. Yicky, rainy cold weather for the last few days, making the days seem even shorter because of the gloom. Half days & teacher conferences. Poor sleeping habits. Feeling crampy & headachy from all of the above. Time to banish the blahs and get back on track!
Have a good weekend. Don't know what's in store for us quite yet. Oh boy!

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SAR girls said...

Love your title! ;)
Boys & Legos just go together-have fun Evan!
Let's chase the blahs away by getting together (finally!) next week, shall we?