Tuesday, November 25, 2008

FO-Brian's hat

My friend Sharyn requested this hat in boy colors for her 3 year old son Brian, who is all about gender specific colors. I went blue on blue. No chance it's not for boys! And look, it fits!
the light blue is Malabrigo yarn, 100% wool from Uruguay. It's soft and warm and fun to say. Malabrigo... I love you...
I delivered the new hat today and was met by a very happy little guy who likes his new snowgear. And I am glad.
My friend Jan came over yesterday and I learned her how to knit! She has been knit resistant for over a year, but I knew if I could get needles in her hands she'd like it. (maybe now she'll stop trying to get me to quit!) I sent her outta here with 2 projects on needles and a good attitude. I can see a trip to Lansing in our future!
Good Tuesday to you!

1 comment:

SAR girls said...

Man, that hat is cute! :)

I finished my scarf! :) Even got it off the needles with a little help from the S&B lady! :)

Starting a second one today. I will stop bugging you to quit as long as we scrap once in a while! LOL.