Thursday, November 6, 2008

impromptu outdoor concerto

Emma came home from school today in a great mood, which was a delightful change from yesterday, and the sobbing hysterical mess that walked thru the door. It was such a beautiful afternoon that she & Anna decided to hang out in the yard to practice their trumpets.
Why should I be selfish? Share your talent with the neighborhood, I say!

and check out these really nce pix Bart took the other day. I love the seond one the most...the colors & textures. Wonderful! The light really was amazing. Not retouched at all, pinky swear!

Hard to believe from these shots that it's November. And that it's about to get cold, fast.


Letícia Sammet said...

Hey, are you really north-american?
I am brazilian, can u add me?

Kelley Popp said...

love the photos.

knitting elephant said...

Great pics! Love autumn colors the best of all...

yo daddy said...

how 'bout some snaps for the photographer!